Tuesday Test-Drive: Organic Facial Peel

Zap blemishes and wrinkles at once with this double-duty skin treatment

The Product: We’re always on the hunt for affordable yet spa-like treatments we can give ourselves on a lazy evening at home, and the latest contender is the Green Apple Peel from organic skin-care company Juice Beauty. A once-weekly exfoliating treatment designed to combat both wrinkles and blemishes at once, it touts alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids from organic green apples, lemons, grapes, raw cane sugar and willow bark to visibly improve the look and texture of your skin in just 15 minutes.

The Process: Since the peel is particularly potent and my skin is on the sensitive side, I followed the instructions to do a patch test behind my ear. If you experience a lot of redness or irritation, this peel is likely too strong for you. After noticing no warning signs besides a mild tingle, which the package assured me is normal, I proceeded to apply a generous layer to my freshly cleansed face and neck. I left the peel on for the maximum 15 minutes and then rinsed it off, making sure to avoid my delicate eye area.

The Payoff:
This peel will have your skin thanking you—instantly. To my delight, once I rinsed off, my face felt firm and refreshed, and even looked brighter. The full-strength formula was not overly drying or irritating on my skin, though you can also find a version designed especially for sensitive types, without the willow bark–derived salicylic acid. —Lindsay MacAdam

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, $48. Available on The Shopping Channel, and at select spas and boutiques across Canada. Coming soon to Whole Foods Markets in Canada.