Tuesday Test-Drive: Moisture-Packed Masks

Check out the latest products we put to the test

Anthea Simms

Thankfully we’ve never been one to have to deal with extra dry skin on our face—however as of late, the harsh Winter air has left our visage utterly parched and demanding an extra layer of moisturizer morning and night. Instead of clearing out our face cream stash, we decided to call in some back-up in the name of some serious moisture-packing face masks. Fresh, dewy skin? Here we come.

Vichy Rehydrating Thermal Mask, $22:  This formula was fresh and light feeling with no stickiness. It wasn’t too thick to apply or cumbersome to wash off. Our skin felt refreshed after cleansing without any tightness. We think its light formula is the best pick for extra moisture during the warmer months, or for those with oilier skin types. Available across Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Perricone MD Hydrating Nutrient Mask, $75:  This mask had a thicker texture, which left our skin feeling extra rejuvenated. Our complexion also felt especially soft, thanks to the Alpha Lipoic Acid, an ingredient that also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. We like this option for those with normal to dry skin types and/or mature skin. Available across Canada at