Tuesday Test-Drive: Minx Chic Prints by O.P.I

We put these nail adhesives to the test for a spiced up mani

Minx nails, one of the latest crazes in nail trends, were made famous by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, and the Chanel Spring 2010 couture show. Sadly, only trained pros could apply the decorative adhesives at select Minx-approved salons—until now. To the delight of nail art lovers everywhere, the overlays have arrived at Sephora in the form of eight limited-edition patterns by O.P.I, and we jumped at the chance to experiment with the chrome lace-, skull- and nautical-print tips.

The Chic Prints, $20, can be applied on your own, but unless you have a steady hand and an unlimited amount of patience, we suggest visiting your favourite nail technician for some help like we did. The prints must be warmed under a lamp or in your hands, adhered to the nails, and then trimmed and filed to fit your nail length.

The results: our nails felt super smooth, and the metallic and black lace print was a strikingly shiny combination. Plus, we received dozens of compliments from curious passers-by beginning mere minutes after we walked out of the salon.

The package says you can expect the designs to last one to two days, but to our pleasant surprise they stayed intact and nearly flawless for a full week. We recommend following up with a topcoat every few days to prevent premature peeling, but for the most part we were free to partake in our regular dishwashing and housecleaning routines.

Overall the nails are definitely a special treat from regular manicures, and a great way to add some fun variety to your beauty routine.

Tiger print to nautical stripes in one week? We dare you.