Tuesday Test-Drive: Liquid Lineup

REVLON ColorStay2

The perfect swoosh of liquid eyeliner has long been a part of our trademark look, but it also happens to make for a great trick for holiday soirées. After years of trying to achieve the perfect cat-eye, our current tool of choice is the standard liquid liner with a short, pointed end that remains firm (rather than the long, flimsy sort or using an eyeliner brush with a potted cream formulation). Lo and behold, we’ve since come across a new variety of liquid liners that resemble more of a pen and make us imagine what lining our peepers with an ultra-fine Sharpie might be like. We put two contenders to the test. The Steal: Revlon ColourStay Liquid Eye Pen, $10. The Splurge: Nars Eyeliner Stylo, $27.

Love it: The super-tiny tips on both are great for rookies who need to take this look slow ’n’ steady. You’ll be able to fill in the line just so, right down to the tiny tick at the end.

Leave it: Neither pen delivered on the dark, inky line that we get from our usual liner––but both products will work for those who want a look that’s still subtle. Conclusion? These are best saved for the office rather than the party circuit.

–Megan Kirkwood

Model photography, Anthea Simms