Trend Alert: WTF is Bean Sprout Hair?

Little bean sprouts are popping up on heads in China, and now they're working their way over here, too

Sheet masks, essences and cushion compacts—we owe a lot to our beauty sisters in Asia. But the latest trend is a little less fancy skincare and a little more…bizarre? It’s called bean sprout hair, and while it might look like a tiny sprig of greenery took root in someone’s brain, it’s just a super cute plastic plant on a hair clip.

The clips started selling for five reminbi (about the equivalent of $1.12) in downtown Beijing, but when people all over China started going crazy for them, competition quickly drove the price down to a third of that. We’ve got to assume that’s because they instantly up the adorableness of a selfie. Search the Mandarin hashtag #头上长草, which roughly translates to “plants growing from head,” and you’ll find hundreds of snaps.

#豆芽 😘😘

A photo posted by 秦畅远 (@jin_changwon1998) on

And of course, the trend is slowly catching on here at home. On, you can snag a handful of them for just five bucks. If you’re not into bean sprouts, there are plenty of options: mushrooms, daisies and clovers. Clip them in your hair, snap a selfie, and let the “SO CUTE” comments pour in. Don’t forget to caption it with the seedling emoji.

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