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Big Sur, California!

Listed as one of the “50 Places of a Lifetime/The World’s Greatest Destinations” by National Geographic Traveler and home to the “Best Hotel in California” as per the Zagat Survey, Big Sur, California is making waves as one of the world’s best getaways. An enchanted meeting place of mist, mountains and sea, Big Sur offers visitors the best in luxurious or rustic hotels and spas, exquisite dining options, and one of the most beautiful scenic highways in the world. With only 1,400 residents and located among the rolling Ventana Mountains at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, this small-town community has a big chill attitude.
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Some books to help you get the most of your vacation:

Big Sur Big Basin: California’s Dramatic Central Coast,
By Pamela Verduin Cain
A celebration and insider’s view of not-to-miss attractions along the central coastline of California. Pore over photographer Larry Ulrich’s stunning images of hidden canyons and lush estates.
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1001 Greatest Things Ever Said about California,
By Steven D. Price
A compilation of 1001 funny, cute, and clever quotes from and about the Golden State will give you plenty to talk about over the course of your trip. From entertainer Bob Hope, to politician Arnold the Governor, to novelist D.H. Lawrence, read why the famous love to call California home.
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