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Calgary, Alberta

Home of the Calgary Stampede and close to Alberta’s majestic Rockies, the city of Calgary is a wonder in and of itself. While Calgary’s cowboy image is still alive and well, this Canadian Wild West has become more of a modern metropolis, while keeping its laissez-faire attitude in tact.

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Top 4 travel books about Calgary
1) Calgary Paths and Parkways: A City’s Treasures, $19.95
Author: Terry Bullick
If you’re an avid naturalist and hiker, then look no further. This detailed travel guide helps the most enthusiastic nature lover enjoy the great outdoors while spending time in Canada’s Wild Rose Country. Check out our full Top 4 list

Located on the northeast coast, in the parish of Portland, Frenchman’s Cove is a beautiful off- the-beaten- track spot where you will find the real Jamaica.
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