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Winnipeg, Manitoba

Nestled in the heart of Canada, Manitoba’s capital, Winnipeg, offers an interesting blend of culture, commerce and lifestyle. Home to more than 60 per cent of Manitoba’s inhabitants and with a metropolitan population of over 700,000, this culturally diverse city has the excitement you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a historical experience or a modern-day urban adventure, the many flavours of Winnipeg will delight and please the senses of even the most disconcerting traveler.


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10 must-pack items for Winnipeg:

Some books to help you get the most of your vacation:
1) Winnipeg Landmarks , $12.12
Author: Murray Peterson
Get an overview on the rich history of the Maritimes with an account of Nova Scotia’s major ethnic groups, settlement patterns. With photographs by acclaimed photographer Albert Lee. Check out our full list

What do see and do…
1) The Forks National Historic Site
Winnipeg’s most popular destination, the Forks National Historic Site is a located at the city’s main waterfront and is home to shops, outdoor activities, restaurants, and festivals. Once the spot where indigenous people gathered, this green oasis in the heart of Winnipeg was reimagined in 1987 to become what it is today. Shoppers take note: the Forks Market – with over 50 unique shops – is not to be missed! Check out our full Top 5 list

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