Today’s hottest scents look to the past

Today’s hotter-than-hot scents look to the past to turn up the heat

Retro sexual
Today’s hotter-than-hot scents look to the past to turn up the heat

Not only are we opening up our hearts to men with hair on their chest and a set of brawny plumber’s pipes (dreamy James Denton from Desperate Housewives comes to mind) but we’re also hunting down a stronger, sensuous fragrance to match. “Consumers are drawn to rich scents again as their preferences are becoming more sophisticated and they are much more open to experimentation,” explains Susan Kelly, director of global marketing for LCI Cosmetics International. Add the in-your-face sensuality of girl bands such as The Pussycat Dolls and the proliferation of hip-hop hotties on MuchMusic (FYI: Baby Phat Goddess by Kimora Lee Simmons was last fall’s runaway fragrance hit), it’s no wonder our desire for perfumes that propel us into overdrive keeps growing.

To satisfy our lust, the fragrance biz is taking hot notes from years gone by and remixing them for the present. “There’s quite a range to try, from appetizing gourmand notes to sensual musks to sexy woods,” says Kelly. “Fine fragrances are often a complex mix of notes that bouquet these ingredients into a beautiful new aroma.” —Juliette Lie

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(A) Sweet sensation: Dior Miss Dior Chérie, 50 mL, $82, mixes up caramel popcorn with pink jasmine and patchouli. This potion is definitely for grown-ups with a sweet tooth.

(B) New sensation: Masakï Matsushïma ‘M’, 40 mL, $77, starts bright and fruity, but its finish is where it’s at: crystal musk (imagine a sheer musk) makes it hot, hot, hot.

(C) Asian sensation: Calvin Klein Euphoria, 50 mL, $75, is an all-season oriental with dewy lotus blossom and pomegranate for spring, plus mahogany and amber notes for fall.

(D) Signature sensation: Matthew Williamson delights his fan base—including Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker—with his first namesake scent, 50 mL, $79. It’s got flowers, spice and everything nice.

(E) Shhh sensation: Guess, 50 mL, $60, is subtly sexy. A charming combo of peach, freesia, moss and cedarwood suggests—rather than screams—you’re the centre of attention.

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