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#thighface Is Instagram's Latest, Weirdest Makeup Trend

Just when we think Insta MUAs can't get any weirder, here comes #thighface, the trend that finds gals decking their legs out in product

Face makeup? Been there. Done that. Sometimes makeup artists need to think…lower to get those double-taps.

#thighface is the newest makeup trend taking over Insta. Who needs to spend hours in the bathroom wiping off layers and layers of contour or unicorn tears? Save your face the agony and do up your thigh instead!

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We’re not quite sure who started the trend, but some people are taking it to a whole new creepy mesmerizing level—with fake lashes.

This makeup artist even used her boyfriend’s thigh, because, why not? He’s a keeper…

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The reasoning behind this odd trend? Many posters say they just did it out of sheer boredom.

When you reach that level of bordem #bored #lol #legmakeup

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We’re not prepared to say we’re loving this one, but we’re also not prepared to say we *won’t* be searching #thighface on the reg…

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