6 Beauty Bloggers We Want to See on Kim K's New Reality Show

We'll def be tuning in if these makeup gurus get cast. Let the falsies fly!

Between all the kontouring, nontouring, lip kits and endless wigs, the Kardashian crew already has the beauty biz on lock—the only thing missing is dat KK drama. Cue the elimination music and “pack up your brushes” catchphrase because Kim’s got a reality show in the works. L.A.-based casting producer, Emily Lallouz, posted a notice on all her channels this week seeking “the most trend-setting beauty bloggers for a cutting edge competition reality series.” The prize: a gig as director of beauty content and tutorials for alllllll the Kardashian apps. Not to mention Kardashian family bestie status—just imagine the Snaps, IG posts and Keeping Up With cameos! Lallouz’s Instagram caption asks followers to tag who they’d want to see on the show, so clearly they’re open to suggestions. Here are the makeup gurus we’re betting on:


kim kardashian reality show

Zoella (


10.8m, subscribers on Youtube, 8.8m followers on Instagram

Eight million Instagram followers may not compare to Kim’s 77.7 million, but for a normal-person influencer not married to Kanye with no sex tape and no Taylor Swift beef, these are some pretty serious numbers. Zoella is the most popular beauty Youtuber in the world so she’d def attract plenty of jealous eye rolls and passive aggressive compliments. Also, she’s British, so accent: check!


kim kardashian reality show

NikkieTutorials (


4m subscribers on Youtube, 4.5m followers on Instagram

Twenty-year-old Youtuber Nikkie is adorable, sweet and the kind of girl you wanna root for on a show full of crazy. Plus, her “Power of Makeup” tutorial, in which she calls out makeup shaming, inspired a huuuuugely anticipated capsule collection with Too Faced launching in August, so she’s already been blessed by the beauty gods.


kim kardashian reality show

Amrezy (

Amrezy Olevic

4.6m followers on Instagram

Instagram makeup artist Amrezy is pretty much a Kardashian already—from the crazy contour to her affinity for nude body-con looks to all the Snapchat drama to, yes, her own line of liquid lipsticks. All she needs now is a seat at the table. (And to change her name to Kamrezy.)


kim kardashian reality show

PatrickStarrr + Manny MUA (

PatrickStarrr + Manny MUA

Patrick: 1.3m subscribers on Youtube, 2.2m followers on Instagram

Manny: 1.4m subscribers on Youtube, 2.2m followers on Instagram

Makeup isn’t just a girl’s game and these two male Youtubers/BFFs know how to work a smoky eye as well as the rest of them. We love that they both have positive beauty messages (“makeup is one size fits all,” “boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition”). Also, they’re delightfully sassy!


Gigi Gorgeous with Kylie Jenner (

Gigi Gorgeous with Kylie Jenner (

Gigi Gorgeous

2.3m subscribers on Youtube, 2m followers on Instagram

Not only can Gigi cut a serious crease, but girlfriend already knows her way around the reality TV racket (she starred in the online show The Avenue for three years) plus she’s already pals with Kylie Jenner, having worked on her app, including co-hosting the “Help! My Face is F–ked!” beauty series. Obvious front-runner, amirite? And no, we’re not biased because of the Canadian thing…


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