The Power Pony: Our Heart's New Desire

We can't get enough of the power pony—a severe, stick-straight ponytail—and think these stars wear it best. Do you agree? Tweet us your fave @FLAREfashion!

ELLE's 20th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration - Arrivals

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With the year’s most watched red carpets on the horizon, we’ve started placing our beauty bets. For hair, a severe, stick-straight ponytail is a sure win. “There’s a high polish factor,” says Harry Josh, John Frieda international creative consultant, who has worked with multi-Grammy nominee Katy Perry and is Gisele Bündchen’s preferred hairstylist. But not every girl is willing to slick all her hair off her face—you really have to be up for the challenge.

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To create your own dominatrix-cheerleader moment, start with a smooth blow-dry, using tension to straighten hair with a densely bristled brush. Next, secure your pony slightly below the crown and flatiron the tail. Nix pesky fly-aways, which can make unexpected appearances in paparazzi shots (or iPhone flashes), with a few drops of an ultra-lightweight, non-greasy argan oil, says the pro. (Its antioxidants will also help combat hot-tool damage.) Finally, wrap your elastic with a section of hair from the bottom of your pony, securing with hair colour-matching bobby pins. Voila! Attention to detail is the difference between average and award-winning hair.

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