The Perfect Foundation

Sandy Gold of reveals tips and techniques to find the perfect shade of foundation for your skin

Before you choose the right foundation and shade, you have to know your skin type. Here are some easy ways to determine your skin type!
1. Start by washing your face.
2. Wait 30 minutes to an hour to allow your skins natural oils to return to the surface.
3. In good lighting or daylight, examine your skin.
4. Check below to see which skin type most resemebles your won.

If you have OILY SKIN – You’ve most likely noticed that your skin is shiny and oily, especially in the T-zone area and that you experience frequent breakouts. In this case, you’re going to want to select a foundation that’s water based and oil-free. To help with the shine, I would suggest choosing a foundation with a matte or powder finish.

If you have DRY SKIN – You’ll notice that most of the time your skin feels dry, tight and dehydrated. So try choosing a cream or liquid hydrating foundation. Avoid powders, as it can make your skin appear dryer than it already is.

If you have NORMAL SKIN – Well, you’re one of those lucky ones! With your skin looking even in tone and texture almost 90% of the time and by not having many restrictions, you can choose from a wide variety of foundations on the market.

If you have COMBINATION SKIN – You most likely have dry skin with an oily T-zone, and suffer from breakouts as well as dry skin. In this case, choose a foundation that is both hydrating and oil-free.

If you have SENSITIVE SKIN – Your skin will sometimes feel comfortable and then other times irritated. You’re are going to want to chose a foundation that is especially made for sensitive skin. Look for labels like oil-free, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and allergy tested.

Here are some of the most common foundation types on the market today:

Sheer or Natural Finish Foundation – is perfect for people who don’t like to wear a lot of make.up. It has very little coverage and is used to help compliment an already even skin tone.

Medium to Full Coverage Foundation – Is excellent for evening out the skin tone, concealing blemishes and helping with discoloration in the skin.

Matte Finish Foundation – Are typically used for those with oily skin. A matte finish is ideal for helping to control oil and shine throughout the day.

Powder Foundations – Are great for traveling, ideal for touch-ups and wonderful for those with oily skin because powder helps with shine and can be used by almost all skin types.