The nine rules of spring beauty

The nine rules of spring beauty

Try one of the season’s brights, shimmers or glitters — on one feature only.

Flawless skin
Invest in a foundation that blends seamlessly with your skin tone and texture.

Extreme lashes
Experiment with a new mascara to get your longest, curliest, lushest eyelashes yet.

Hair colour
Take a risk with your hair colour — try the brightest blond or va-va-va-voom red.

A new ‘do
Plunge into a new haircut. Feeling sassy? Be bold and go short. Love being laid-back? Try layered bangs.

High impact eyes
Wear your eye-shadow wet. Dip your brush and intensify your metallic shades for evening.

Fresh scent
Switch up your fragrance — something fruity, light and whimsical to love all season.

Go for the glow
Addicted to bronzer? Apply it as a blush in a subtle tone.
Easy does it
Forget precision. Rub on your eyeshadow, lip stain and cream blush with your fingers instead of a brush.