The kind goodbye

How to let him down easy

The kind goodbye
He likes you and you’re not feeling it. Here’s what to do

Go easy on him

Instead of ignoring his calls and blocking him from your Facebook account, fess up. Likely he knows something’s up by the way your demeanour has changed. So don’t try hiding or avoiding. It’s not fair to the guy.

Be honest
There’s no need to feed him the let’s-just-be-friends line. And even if you really do want to be friends, he doesn’t – that’s why he asked you out. So tell him really what’s going on.

Keep out of his way
The last thing this guy needs is to see you (heartbreaker!) everywhere he turns. So be a good sport and don’t hang around. That means avoid his workplace, his gym, and his neighbourhood – at least for a little while.

Don’t lead him on
If the poor sap just can’t get over you, don’t do anything that might make him think he still has a chance. That means don’t get together, don’t return his numerous emails, don’t talk on the phone. If he persists, mention your new (if imaginary) boyfriend every chance you get.