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Monday, September 24, 2007

For a rare glimpse of brilliant photography, check out the Corkin Gallery in Toronto’s Distillery District. I stopped by Saturday afternoon for the opening reception of a selection of works by legendary lensman, Irving Penn.

The New Jersey born photographer is a rarity in the fashion world. At 90, he continues to shoot for Vogue. His still-life shots of food and animals—primarily for Jeffrey Weingarten’s food column—continue to be stark and purely provocative. Penn began his career as an illustrator and painter which later defined his dramatic approach to fashion photography. That style, often photographed on his muse and wife, model Lisa Fonssagrives, became Vogue’s hallmark in the 1950’s. FYI—Lisa is widely known as the first “supermodel”.

While my favourite shot in the Corkin Gallery show is a model (likely Lisa) curled up in bed with a pillow and appearing to whisper on the phone (a story of heartbreak, perhaps?), the selection is more than just fashion and food shots. The image we’re showing here is titled Two Guedras, Morocco. You may not be able to see this on screen, but behind the veils you can see beautifully and expensively accessorized women (brides, perhaps?) as they sit quietly for their portrait. Don’t miss the show. It’s on until November 3.

Corkin Gallery
55 Mill Street, Building 61
(416) 979-1980




Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last night, I caught the hilarious opening night show of The Drowsy Chaperone, held at Toronto’s Elgin Theatre. While I’m not a fan of musicals (all that singing and dancing makes me crazy), this show was a goofy laugh-fest that even my date enjoyed. So what’s this got to do with fashion? Under the leadership of Dancap Productions (a new theatre company pledged to bring the best of Broadway and London’s West End to Toronto), the ushers and attendants were all sporting brand new uniforms designed by Pink Tartan’s Kimberley Newport Mimran. I loved the old-style antique gold buttons and cording and velvet trims on the updated navy blazers and vests. The best piece? A chic shift dress.

Toronto International Film Festival Blog

Sunday, September 9, 2007


If you think The Toronto International Film Festival is only about hot flicks with a heaping side order of starlets, think again. ONEXONE, one of Canada’s hippest new fundraising organizations, turned Sunday into a red hot charity focus. Founded by Joey Adler (you can thank her for the super hot Diesel on your backside) with honorary founders Edward and Suzanne Rogers three years ago, ONEXONE has turned into THE event of TIFF. In only three years, the foundation has raised close to five million dollars to improve the health of children worldwide. This year, the day started early—11 am IS early when one has been screening films and partying hard all week—with an exclusive luncheon for Richard Gere. Accompanied by the stunning Indian actress Shilpa Shetty (she’s been in more than 50 Bollywood blockbusters), Gere came to town to call awareness to his Heroes Project, a charity that raises awareness of HIV/AIDS. Shetty was a pioneer in joining Gere in the battle to reduce the stigma of the disease in her home country.

Next I raced back home for a glamorama hair and makeup session with Flare’s top stylist, Tony Masciangelo. To match my cobalt blue Joeffer Caoc dress, he added hair extensions and tons of black eyeliner to channel Madonna in her Confessions of a Dance Floor mood. With barely enough time for a snack, Elio and I were off to ONEXONE in its brand new home—the dazzling Four Seasons Centre. I’m on the board of this fabulous fundraiser—Suzanne Rogers and I were responsible for the dinner this year—which sold-out the moment tickets became available. For the second year running, the night was hosted by Academy Award winner, Matt Damon. The night was a blur of laughs, music and generous charity. Here, the highlights:
* Ben Affleck joining Matt Damon to plead, beg and cajole (all with heart-melting smiles) money from the crowd for exclusive auction items that included cycling with Lance Armstrong, partying with Wyclef Jean, mingling with the casts of Entourage and Ugly Betty, and singing along at an intimate Elton John concert
* Joey Adler sharing a $200 cheque, donated by schoolchildren in Alberta
* Flare cover girl Petra Nemcova slipping off her stilettos to swagger across the stage
* Ontario couple Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino’s laugh-laced story of helping more than 700 children, and the 21 they adopted at home
* Wyclef sharing his story of growing up poor in Haiti and coming to America
* Shakira shaking those hips that don’t lie
* The raucous Bollywood/ Hollywood finale that had everyone waving their hands in their air imitating Wyclef’s “Bounce”
*A difference award was given to the runners from Running the Sahara, a documentary executive produced by Matt Damon. The film chronicled three runners over the course (which was hot and rough on the knees to say the least) of 111 days, in six countries and 4,600 miles across Africa. The purpose of this fantastic voyage on foot was to have the marathoners (and the viewers) see firsthand the need for clean water in Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya and finally Egypt. Check out the trailer on for a glimpse on this amazing project.

The best part was the feeling that every single person there could make a difference. For more info, log on to

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Yorkville is a mess of cars, limos, barriers and fans. Just walking down the street, I’ve spotted hip Canadian twins, Dean and Dan Caten of the uber-cool Dsquared line, and Tara Spencer-Nairn of Corner Gas. I love how the Festival energizes Toronto. My first stop this morning (after a much-needed sleep-in) is the George Christy reception at the Four Seasons Hotel. Christy is the legendary columnist for the Hollywood Reporter and an invite to his exclusive fete is like finding the Golden Ticket in a Wonka bar.

Inside, there’s former Bond Girl and Fugitive Pieces star Rosamond Pike, Geoffrey Rush with a bandaged head (he walked into a tree!), director Ivan Reitman, Woody Harrelson, Maggie Grace from Lost (she’s here to promote her flick The Jane Austen Book Club), TIFF founder Dusty Kohl, Caroline Mulroney (a Mum of four kiddies under the age of 3!) and her brother Nicholas, and George Christy himself. Charlize Theron and boyfriend Stuart Townsend slipped up the escalator without stopping in. The reception is always my favourite place to catch up with film-mad friends, including fashion philanthropist Mary Symonds, Canada’s cutest fashion couple Joe and Kim Mimran, Chanel’s Anny Kazanjian, writer Jacqueline Hennessey, entrepreneur Barry Avrich, and town chroniclers Amy Verner, Shinan Govani and Amoryn Engel.

After stopping by some of the Festival suites, including the Tastemakers Lounge and another run by Nicholas Mellamphy, I’m going to take a quick nap to gear up for Matt Damon’s reception for Running the Sahara, and then the birthday party for my friend, Pink Tartan designer Kim Mimran.