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Pillow Talk
Flaxen-hair and milky skin or not, Sleeping Beauty status may be a real-world possibility. Luxury linens company London Lux have come out with the SkinGlow copper-infused pillow that claims to help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and acne. Apparently, the moisture released from your body during your sweet slumber activates the copper ions, which act as a natural antibiotic and can also stimulate collagen production, leading to younger, fresher looking skin. Since they promise results after only 4 weeks of use it may be worth a whirl–– your skin just might live happily ever after. Available across Canada at Bed Bath & Beyond
—Megan Kirkwood


Twisted Sisters
If you were lucky enough to be born with corkscrew-like locks, step away from the styling tools and learn to embrace your sassy ‘do. Curls, a celeb fave brand that counts Halle Berry and Sheryl Crow as fans, has just launched Curl Gel-les’c (yes, Curl “Jealousy”), a botanical-based product with a unique consistency between gel and serum that promises shiny, frizz-free locks. Us straight-haired gals are already jealous of the low maintenance sound of it all: simply work through your tresses from root to end after washing and allow the magic to happen while you air dry. Curls founder Mahisha Dellinger also donates her time and knowledge of curly hair care by offering hair care seminars for foster and adoptive parents of African American and biracial children. Visit for more information and retailers across Canada.
—Megan Kirkwood


Eco-Chic Swag
The Grammys went green this year with the 2nd Annual Green With Music event hosted the weekend of music’s biggest shindig. Held at the penthouse suites of LA’s fully sustainable condo tower The Mercury, Green With Music offered the award show’s only all-sustainable retreat decked out with eco-friendly décor, organic food and drink, and the Spa Tibet, featuring raw, organic, and vegan haircare and spa products. The event also held a benefit the same evening, which donated a portion of proceeds to Wherever The Need, an organization that provides environmentally friendly resources, such as water conservation and eco-sanitation, to those in developing countries.
—Megan Kirkwood


Happy Birthday
Fresh-faced teen queen Emma Roberts celebrated her 18th birthday on February 10 like a true Hollywood it-girl in the making—by signing her first big beauty contract. Ms. Roberts (the niece of the original Pretty Woman) will hold the official title of “Brand Ambassador” for skin-savvy Neutrogena. Seems like a good career move to us, she joins fellow Neutrogena beauties Jennifer Garner, Diane Lane, Hayden Panettiere, and FLARE’s July 2008 covergirl Malin Ackerman.
—Megan Kirkwood


Get the Motorcycle Babe Look
Our highlight of New York fashion week? Attending Maybelline’s bad-gal spokesmodel Erin Wasson’s rocker-chick presentation at Milk Studios in the Meatpacking District. To complement the 70s Stevie Ray Vaughan inspired gear that included crushed velvet bell-bottoms, leather vests and crochet knits, John Frieda’s Harry Josh perfected the art of slept-in, cool girl locks. The trick? Diffuse your hair and scrunch with John Frieda All-Out Hold Hairspray. Easy enough. But to get the pro version, take a curling iron to the pieces of hair beside your cheeks. Don’t curl it the usual way by closing the tong over the piece and rolling the rod, just run the section of hair along the curve of the iron back and forth for a few seconds. Presto—a teeny bit of wave that frames your face but still looks like you didn’t even try (ie. The epitome of downtown cool).
—Carlene Higgins


We’ll Always Have Paris
While I usually prefer a time-efficient shower to an indulgent, bubbly bath, these new Maxim’s de Paris candles make me want to plan a bathroom retreat to escape the winter blues. Inspired by famed artist George Goursat and the uber-glam Belle Epoque period, each candle pictures a caricature inspired by the society cats Goursat would study for hours at the legendary hotspot Maxim’s (now owned by Pierre Cardin). The gold plated lids, chic re-usable porcelain containers, and superb scents, are the perfect start to my Parisian fantasy bathtub escape, with a glass of bubbly in hand of, bien sûr. Available at Pir Cosmetics.
—Megan Kirkwood


Lip Schtik
April Fools Day might be coming early this year with a new lip gloss entitled “Huge Lips, Skinny Hips”. The brainchild of fashion writer and marketing guru Karen Robinovitz (who’s penned three books and written for Harper’s, Elle, and Marie Claire) and cosmetics company Purple Lab, the gloss stays true to its name promising a slimmer figure and a très Jolie pout. The formula contains Hoodia Gordonii extract, derived from a plant found in South Africa and Namibia, which has long been used as an appetite suppressant, along with vitamin B3 which stimulates blood flow to get the pillow lip effect without the burn. While the science may sounds legit, shade names like “Love Your Thighs” and “Worship Kate” have us wondering if it’s all a beauty junkie ruse.
–Megan Kirkwood


How Old is Your Face?
Like most gals I know, I love to indulge in any quiz that promises to reveal all (or at least my personal shopping habits and perfect mate). So I was intrigued to find a handful of questions could reveal my skin’s “virtual age”. After considering a number of factors, such as my diet (fair), sun exposure (too high), and exercise regime (low), I was happy that I still managed to end up with score that says my skin’s age is only 20. Admittedly, the quiz (take it online at made me realize that I should smarten up some of my habits to ensure a fresh-faced future. A good place to start might be the book that inspired the quiz, The Youth Equation, written with dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey Dover, who has written over 30 dermatology textbooks and also been featured in mags such as Vogue and Allure. The face-manual of sorts offers tips on treating skin of all ages and names names on which drugstore dream creams they claim really do turn back the clock.
—Megan Kirkwood


Chem Class
After reviewing 200 various chemical substances, Health Canada and Environment Canada have agreed on eight chemicals they believe should be closely regulated. Two of the substances are silicon-based chemicals, D4 and D5, which are used in a wide range of products including some cosmetics, hair care products, moisturizers, and antiperspirants. No need for the health-conscious to raid their medicine cabinets—neither are considered a threat to human health. Both are being tagged for their effects on the environment, including the wastewater produced during the manufacturing process.
–Megan Kirkwood


It’s Family Day here in Ontario so we’re taking a little break but we’ll be back tomorrow!
–The Beauty Team


Viva Locks Vegas
If you’re planning a mid-winter escape to the City of Sin, consider a snap-worthy makeover at one of Michael Boychuk’s salons before you attempt Tao’s velvet rope. The celeb stylist’s three hotspots have a huge glamazon following, including Gwen Stefani, J.Lo, Fergie, and Lilo. Book early at one of his convenient locations on the strip, including Amp at the Palms, Color at Caesars Palace, and Primp at Palms Place, for an A-lister experience and cascading waves (Michael’s fave look for Spring) that will make all the showgirlies jealous.
–Megan Kirkwood


Mission Not-So-Impossible
Serena Williams gets the beauty nod from us for always being camera-ready on and off the court. Now, she’s adding a little sporty spice to her beauty routine as the new spokeswoman for athlete–owned and tested Mission Skincare. Ultra-endurance runner Charlie Enger was inspired to create the line, which includes fitness-friendly loot such as Foot Synergy Gel, Anti-Friction Cream, and Lip Protector, after running a 111-day marathon across the Sahara Desert. Other superstar co-founders include soccer star Mia Hamm and pro basketball player Steve Nash, who have teamed up to act as product developers (and the ultimate testers) of the brand. The athletes also contribute through Mission Skincare to several charities, including H20 Africa, the clean water initiative co-founded by Matt Damon. Available at Champ Sports stores.
—Megan Kirkwood


It’s All About Hue
Betty and Veronica might be old fodder, but it seems that blondes and brunettes are forever in the race for top colour clout. According to a recent survey by Garnier Nutrisse, raven-haired dames are far in the lead (sorry, blondies!) when it comes to public perception. They say brunettes are more likely to be taken seriously, which explains why they reportedly make more money. Nearly 75% of men surveyed even admitted they prefer darker haired gals when considering long-term partners. But don’t be too discouraged my fair-haired friends, everyone knows you’re still having more fun (just think of BFFs Madge and Gwynnie, who both ranked on Forbes’ celeb power list last year)
–Megan Kirkwood


The lure of TV land
Californication star Natascha McElhone (gorgeous) is the new face of Neutrogena’s upcoming Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydration line launching in stores this month. And in other primetime news, suncare giant Coppertone is officially hip to the fact that SPF is now an essential part of every gal’s daily beauty routine (it is the best wrinkle prevention method on the market, after all). That’s why this spring, you’ll find hot 40-something Brooke Shields, who stars in Lipstick Jungle, fronting the brand in their print ads. SPF 30 = vavava glowy skin at 40. Get it?
—Carlene Higgins


The Beauty Ritual
Sometimes getting ready to go out is more fun than the main event. Hoping to reveal the oh-so-complex inner workings of the female mind, Japanese cosmetics giant Kanebo recently conducted a study of women’s brain activity during their primping routines. Surprisingly, they found that women actually experience a wave of optimism and euphoria just as they prepare to apply their makeup, rather than after they’re all dolled up. Scientists perceived this to mean that women happily anticipate what they’re going to look like when they’re finished—we think they’ve just never experienced the joys of playing with DiorShow.
–Megan Kirkwood


Scott Barnes, Over?
The makeup artist who put the glow in J.Lo has announced an end to his cosmetics line due to a disagreement with investors, according to his website. While he shops around for new backers, stock up on the covetable remains—shimmering blushes, lit-from-within finish foundations, and perfectly luminous eyeshadows that never ever appear too shimmery. You know, just in case. We found it at and yes, they ship to Canada.
–Carlene Higgins


Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
Turns out our daydreams of having a Snow White-esque mirror to approve (or disapprove) of our new matte bubble gum lipstick may not be that far off. Thanks to a company appropriately named EZFace, a new virtual mirror kiosk could be coming to a beauty aisle near you. Apparently, it’s as easy as taking a quick snap of yourself then scanning in the makeup item of your choice to view your “virtual makeover”. It will even play the role of your nasty stepmother and suggest a better shade in case the one you picked isn’t quite right.
–Megan Kirkwood


Eau Leona!
British songbird Leona Lewis is releasing a self-titled fragrance later this year with German health and beauty brand, LR. Never heard of them? Neither had we, until a google search revealed that the Euro company has already released a celebrity perfume oil series across the pond with starlets Christina Aguilera and fellow frau Heidi Klum. They’re also known to take an ethical stance on animal testing, which is the perfect fit for Lewis, since the pop diva’s known for being a vegetarian and standing up for animal rights.
–Megan Kirkwood


Banking on Elizabeth
L’Oréal Paris has signed blonde beauty Elizabeth Banks as the latest member of their spokesperson dream team. The Hollywood starlet-in-the-making is known for her classic red carpet beauty and roles in W, Zach and Miri Make a Porno, and the television series Scrubs. She’ll make her fresh-faced debut in campaigns come March, but you can check her out this month in big screen thriller, The Uninvited.
–Megan Kirkwood


The Original One
Fifteen years after its debut as the world’s original unisex fragrance, the legendary oh-so-nineties Ck One launched its new worldwide campaign, called We Are One, at an after-party for the Presidential inauguration with Rock the Vote in Washington D.C. On hand for the celebrations was Jamie Burke, the face of the campaign and all around Brit boy about town (yes, he’s dated Moss and Miller). As if dating the original Calvin gal wasn’t enough, Burke also debuted his new single We Are One at the shindig, which also happens to be the new soundtrack for the Ck One campaign. It’s all about synergy, people.
–Megan Kirkwood