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THIS IS LONDON When Pop Beauty Backstage Buzz London makeup palettes landed on our desk recently, they immediately took us back to fond memories of spring fashion week in London. Backstage at the Luella show, we took a moment to snap 10,000 BC actress Camilla Belle—who would look totally hot in the Natural Soot palette. Nude cheek colours sculpt and highlight and two shades of pinky lip colour subtly pretty up your pout. After the show, we grabbed a shot of Lily Allen front row. It was as if the Midnight Soot palette was designed for her! Steal her glowing look with the duo bronzer and highlighter and get her flirty black cat eye look with the duo pen and inky eye shadows.


Pascal Parent, Jean-Michel Talbot-Bolduc, and Miguel Costa
From left to right: Pascal Parent, Jean-Michel Talbot-Bolduc, and Miguel Costa.

INGENIOUS MINDS Amid all the gorgeous colours and packaging, it’s easy to sometimes forget that beauty is also science. During the week of March 10th, L’Oréal presented students from 11 countries the opportunity to visit a L’Oréal production site to flex their brain muscles for the 7th edition L’Oréal Ingenius Contest in Paris. Teams from 50 universities presented their findings to a jury at the Musée des Arts Forains on the topic of reducing environmental impact. Miguel Costa, Pascal Parent and Jean-Michel Talbot-Bolduc from Université de Sherbrooke took home top honours (and a cheque for $10,000 euros) for their expert energy efficiency report. Excellent work Team Canada!



TEST DRIVE Blue Satin is the latest in Chanel’s line of Satin colours, last year’s Black Satin having created a cult-like following. We swiped a few coats on our bare nails and were astounded by the inky richness. The shade, which looks black to the naked eye, reveals an edgy indigo upon closer inspection. Leave it to Chanel to create the perfect chic navy nail colour—all other blue nail polishes suddenly pale by comparison.



WOOF WOOF The net proceeds for The Balm to the Rescue vegan lip treatment (a softening lip balm with teeny crystal exfoliators), benefits Pug Rescue, which matches homeless pugs with new homes. Unofficial Flare staffer Harley (that’s him in the picture), can appreciate their help. He’s adopted himself and now lives in bliss. He revels under the roof of Editor in Chief Lisa Tant.



BEAUTY TRAVELER We just returned from a lavish three-week vaca and you may be surprised to hear which products in our cosmetics bag proved absolutely mandatory. First off, for the 21-hour flight to South Africa, Rocky Mountain Soap Company Cold & Sinus Therapeutic Roll-On helped relieve our stuffed up sinuses. Unfortunately, we had a dreadful cold and the handy roll-on applicator allowed us to re-apply essential oils often to help us breathe easier. Decléor Aromessence Neroli essential oil absolutely saved our skin. Our ruddy, dehydrated complexion felt and looked a million times better after that first post-flight shower. For days on safari, on the beach, and shopping through local markets, Kiehl’s Lip Balm SPF 15 protected our precious lips.





TEST DRIVE In this line of business, we get our hands pretty dirty. Sure, it’s mostly swiping the latest seasonal colours on the back of our hands, but all that washing and scrubbing away takes a toll on our manicures! So that’s why we were intrigued when Gloves in a Bottle landed on our desk. What Gloves in a Bottle doesn’t have in terms of pretty packaging (the cream comes in a huge 240ml bottle) it makes up for in moisture. We first applied too much of the non-scented lotion on our hands, but once we patted off the excess we were thrilled that the lotion lived up to its claim and feels “like an invisible pair of gloves”. And since the lotion goes deep into the layers of your skin, we feel assured our hands will make it through another season.





TEST DRIVE Looking to revive that tired, winter-ravaged skin? Well, look no further! Avon has created the ultimate brew for your weathered skin with Skin So Soft Fusions Soft and Nourish Dual Softening Body Oil, $9.99. Simply shake to blend the dual layer of leave-in oils, and apply after a shower, or bath, for a smooth and silky finish. This product is sure to leave your skin satisfied and ready for Spring-time, in no-time! BTW: We have to give props to Avon for being a supporter of last week’s International Women’s Day (it was March 4th: mark it on your calendar for next year)! The company did better than have a fancy party. They held the Global Summit for a Better Tomorrow at the United Nations, discussing women’s issues and progress. Bravo!