TFI's New Labels Show Features Futuristic Beauty

Models sport protruding hair and chrome lids on the runway

Photo by Kerrin McNamara

Finding a single beauty look to suit three different fashion collections is no easy feat, but the hair and makeup masters backstage at the Toronto Fashion Incubator New Labels show pulled it off with ease. “This year, after meeting with all the designers, it looked like one very strong futuristic knot would work for everyone,” said key hairstylist Daniel Fiorio. He crafted a slick, elongated bun to reflect the avant-garde vibe that was present across all three collections (think: accentuated shoulders, hits of leather and weighty accessories) by coating straightened hair with Pantene Medium Thick Gel and pulling it back into a pony on the occipital bone, the part of the head that sticks out most at the back. Next, he divided the pony into three wide panels and wrapped each around the base of the elastic to create a protruding bun. Models’ faces got a futuristic feel as well with a chrome eye created using CoverGirl SmokyShadowBlast in Silver Sky across the top lid, paired with a heavy brow and dewy complexion. To sneak a peek behind-the-scenes, check out our TFI New Labels video below.