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Tested: 4 Ways to Wear Glitter Like a Grown-Up

Self-proclaimed non–girly girl Michelle Bilodeau takes spring's glitzy makeup trend for a test drive

I am not girly. My wardrobe is all black, grey and white. Either a red lippy or a smoky eye props up my look. 
So, I’m def not a glitter girl. But lately, pixie dust is getting the edgy treatment on runways and red carpets. Could the teeny-bopper staple be cool again? And, could I—an everyday adult—actually pull it off? For better or worse, I embarked on a twinkle trial, trying the stuff out in four different ways.

1. Glitter roots

The inspiration: Miley Cyrus, as well as Random Acts of Pastel and other Insta girls.

how to wear glitter in your hair

Miley Cyrus at last year’s Met Gala (Photo: Rex/Shutterstock)

The method: I hit the craft store for gold glitter and foil, then used hairspray to make things sticky before sprinkling  everything down my centre part.

The test: I was hard-pressed to find an event glam enough for my first glitter-splosion. Thankfully, I have pretty cool friends turned their baby shower into an an evening cocktail party. On our way out, my husband, who was at first skeptical, suggested that I wear my Alexander Wang booties with gold heel cutouts, because “they match your hair.” At the party, no one mentioned it. I noticed people noticing me, but there were no questions—they thought it was totally normal, I guess. See? Cool friends!

how to wear glitter in your hair


The verdict: Paired with a chunky gold link necklace—ya know, to toughen things up a little—I felt rather pretty. I’ll do it again!

2. Glitter nails

The inspiration: Backstage at Malorie Urbanovitch’s Toronto Fashion Week show, Essie global lead educator Rita Remark added a gold halo along the cuticle of a deep-green nail.

how to wear glitter nails

Rita Remark’s metallic crescent nail at Malorie Urbanovitch fall 2016 (Photo: Essie)

The method: I stopped by Toronto’s Naked Beauty Bar on Dundas West for some simple glitter nail art, including a few lines and hopefully a crescent shape similar to Remark’s TFW creation. After chatting with my manicurist, we quickly realized that glitter polish is hard to manipulate into a thin rounded shape like Remark’s (she used metallic polish, not chunky sparkles). So lines and half moons it was!

The test: It’s been over a week since my mani, and I am still getting compliments, from friends and strangers alike, who think it’s v. pretty.

how to wear glitter nail polish


The verdict: Although it had more to do with my unrealistic plans than the execution, I think I’ll pass on glitter-accented nails. Another woman at the nail salon was inspired to try the look, but I wasn’t as in love with it.

3. Glitter tears

The inspiration: Suki Waterhouse on the red carpet in January and Elle Fanning at Saint Laurent in February.

how to wear glitter tears

Elle Fanning at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016 (Photo: Rex/Shutterstock)

The method: Although I’m certain Elle and Suki didn’t use good old craft glitter glue on their faces, I thought it could work well if diluted with a bit of clear lip gloss. Problem: my makeup stash was somehow missing gloss. F-ck. The only thing I could find was clear nail polish. Which I used. DO NOT try this at home. I mixed my concoction, added in some extra gold sparkle, and applied it under my eye with a shadow brush. Using square tweezers, I added bits of gold foil for dimension. That’s when I started to feel some slight burning.

The test: I wore this to an event for Coco Rocha’s new clothing line Co + Co, and none of the fashion people in attendance seemed to bat an eye–until Veronica Chu, Coco Rocha’s makeup artist and a CoverGirl spokeswoman, spotted me. After joking that I should have created a solo glitter tear like a jailhouse tat, she noted that I could have fanned the glitter out, instead of just below the centre of my eyes, to help create a more nonchalant, glitter-has-just-fallen-from-my-eyes effect. Noted. As for the tingling, I put up with it for the night, but was eager to wash up ASAP when I got home. Everything came off easily thanks to an oil-based cleanser. I applied a copious amount of eye cream before bed and thankfully there were no morning-after effects.

how to wear glitter tears

The verdict: YAS. Will do again. Very soon. (But with proper supplies.)

4. Glitter brows

The inspiration: Gigi Hadid on the Giambattista Valli runway.

how to wear glitter eyebrows

Gigi Hadid backstage at Giambatista Valli Fall 2016 (Photo: ImaxTree)

The method: Having already learned that glitter glue comes off easily with an oil-based cleanser, I went ahead and applied some just below the arch of my brow with the help of a shadow brush, which I cleaned off immediately after for fear of any sparkly, hard-to-get-out leftovers.

The test: I had planned to try glitter brows at a fashion breakfast, but just.could.not. I had major nerves over such a bold statement before 9 a.m. So, because I’m such a baby, I made my husband take me out for dinner that night instead. With my gold and silver sparkles set under my brows, we walked over to a newly opened pizzeria/bar a block from our house. The cute hipster boys working there seemed to take notice, so I pounced. “Boys, did you notice my glitter brows?” The one with the man-bun (clearly into beauty trends), said he thought it was cool. The ball-capped owner was a bit more hesitant. “I didn’t notice at first,” he told me. (Suuuuurrre…) “That’s not something any of my friends would wear. But at night, at a bar, now it would catch my eye if a girl was wearing that,” he said with a smirk. Aw, boys.

how to wear glitter eyebrows

The verdict: Maybe, but never before noon.

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