Test-Drive: Mood Enhancing Makeup

Lush's new Emotional Brilliance line includes makeup to reflect your mood - and possibly help change it

Photo Courtesy of Lush

The concept of using makeup as a kind of mood ring — changing colour with body temperature and sweat levels — is nothing new. Variations of Robanda Mood Lips lipstick, $4, have been around for ages. Many products also include aromatherapy to boost mood, such as Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush, bronzer and powder, $16 to $20 each. The items feature a violet scent to elevate happiness, along with the plant extract Euphoryl, which mimics endorphins. 

Yet, the newest mood-makeup innovation, Lush’s new Emotional Brilliance collection, is something a little different: a selection of 30 vegan lipsticks, eyeshadows and eyeliners, $23 each, whose shades are linked to specific emotional needs. For example, a tomato red liquid lipstick is named “Strong,” while a light blue eyeliner is titled “Calm” (shown in image at left). To choose your shades, you spin a colour wheel, then select the three hues that you’re drawn to the most at that moment. Your first pick symbolizes your current strength or weakness, the second is your subconscious need, and the third is the talent that you require to fulfill the need.

To create the link between name and colour, Lush worked with Strategic Behavioural Therapist Lady Kennedy, who believes in the power of suggestion. She argues that if a person wears a shade of makeup and thinks of its corresponding word throughout the day, it will change personal perceptions and subsequent behaviour. 

We tried out a few items from the new line, which are packaged in recyclable glass vials. The liquid eyeliners, in varying blues, greens and metallics (plus a standard black), come with perfectly-sized liner brushes and set quickly for a budge-proof cat eye. The cream eyeshadows are packed with almond and jojoba oils that smooth the sensitive eye area. By using our fingers to blend, it was easy to diffuse the pigment for a subtle effect, or build it up for a more dramatic look. We also tried the lipstick with built-in moisturizers and loved “Passionate,” a striking fuchsia shade (see image). We haven’t gotten our hands on the colour wheel yet, but we like games — especially ones that involve makeup — and can’t wait to take a spin at the wheel to find out our strengths, weaknesses and subconscious needs.

Emotional Brilliance arrives online and in stores July 21.