Test Drive: Crackle Nail Polish

We throw a polish party and pit three crackle top coats head-to-head

Crackle Top Coat Test Drive Crackle Top Coat Test Drive Crackle Top Coat Test Drive Crackle Top Coat Test Drive Crackle Top Coat Test Drive Crackle Top Coat Test Drive

Since crackle polishes have become so popular, there are many different kinds on the market. Before making a purchase, you want to know how each brand differs and which look you prefer. To help out with the decision, we gathered three of our closest friends to try out a few types of polish.

The Contenders:
Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat, available in White and Black, $7 for two,
Barry M. Instant Nail Effects Crackle Nail Paint, available in White Frost, Black Magic, Purple Rain, Gold Glitter, Blue Print and Pink Fizz, $7 each,
Nicole by O.P.I Texture Coat, $11 each, available in Black, White, Silver, Gold, Red and Turquoise, Shoppers Drug Mart

For our test, we each tried out the polishes by applying two coats of a base colour that would contrast with the colour of the texture coat. Once those coats were fully dry, we each applied a single coat of the texture polish. After trying each of the brands, we individually filled out a brief quiz (ranking the products from 1 to 5 in several categories), along with a questionnaire.

Before we get to the results, let’s start with a couple of general questions:

After this test, would you be interested in trying a crackle polish on your own?

Polish Queen: Of course!
The Skeptic: Probably not. I’m not much of a nail polish wearer. Plus I’m usually pretty skeptical about how well these things work. (Typical!)
Wash-and-Go Gal: For the right occasion.
Miss Hard to Please: I would, but only if my nails were long so that there was a large enough surface to cover.

Would you use it on your toes, fingernails, or both?
Polish Queen: Toes. It’s too messy looking on fingernails, regardless of whether the polish crackles nicely or not.
The Skeptic: Fingernails.
Wash-and-Go Gal:
More likely fingernails, because it does not look intentional from far away.
Miss Hard to Please: I agree with Low Maintenance Chica.

Here are the results of the quiz (scores were averaged):

Fastest drying: Barry M., with a drying time of approximately one minute. The polish has a matte finish, so you’ll have to add a top coat for shine.
Best polish consistency and ease of application: O.P.I
Best overall look:
Barry M.

Which brand would you purchase to use, and which colour from that brand?
Polish Queen: O.P.I in black or silver for everyday, or white for a fun occasion.
The Skeptic: Avon in black.
Wash-and-Go Gal: Barry M. in black. It has a nice random crackle, and I like how it looks like broken earth. For a more polished look, make sure you apply a clear coat on top of the texture.
Miss Hard to Please: O.P.I in silver. I like how delicate the streaks are. They’re subtle and elegant, which is a nice way to wear crackle polish.

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