I Dare You to Take Me Swimming On the First Date

We don't spend our life savings at Sephora and bathe in setting spray to be afraid of a little water—let there be swimming!

swimming on the first date

@nikkietutorials woke up like dis, obviously. (Photo: Instagram)

If you follow any major beauty YouTuber or Instagrammer on social media, you know they endure a barrage of hate on the daily. Among the most common offenders? Men who leave rude AF comments like, “this is why I have trust issues,” “that’s false advertising,” and everyone’s favourite: “I would take her swimming on the first date.” (What are these dudes even doing on these feeds?)

swimming on the first dateswimming on the first dateswimming on the first dateswimming on the first dateswimming on the first dateswimming on the first date

Being the host of FLARE’s Beauty Battle series and an-all around beauty obsessive myself, I often wonder if the guys making these comments mistakenly think we’re wearing makeup for their benefit? Because we’re not. On behalf of my fellow makeup junkies, I think it’s safe to say that the amount of time and money we spend in Sephora and Shoppers has more to do with keeping our brows and highlighted cheekbones “snatched” than fooling some guy into thinking we woke up this way.

swimming on the first date

(Photo: Twitter)

Of course it didn’t take long for the beauty community to #clapback. Most notably, makeup guru Mayra Isabel of MayraTouchOfGlam’s hugely popular “Take Her Swimming On The First Date Makeup Tutorial” that’s amassed more than 1.3 million views. In the vid—watch it below—she walks viewers through her meticulous 17-product makeup application and then goes for a swim in her pool to prove no matter where the location, the beauty community will always be first-date ready.

Obviously I’d never go out with any jerk who used the old “I’d take her swimming,” line, but I compiled a gallery of my favourite waterproof prods anyways. (Hey, I already told you I was a beauty nerd.) Here they are:

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