Sumptuous Toronto Salon, The Cabinet, Now Offers Massage Therapy

The Queen West hairstyling spot has added a new floor

The Cabinet Salon, located in a redone 19th-century banker’s apartment, is a unique Queen West hair salon that offers much more than a typical haircut. Founded by Alex MacDonald and Emma Rose, the second-floor Old World-style salon houses six styling stations, a gallery-like exhibit of local art that rotates every few months (currently a display of custom wallpaper), plus an additional floor now solely devoted to massage therapy. 

At the launch party this month, the dimly-lit space smelled of lavender oils, which added to the soothing, laissez-faire feel of the rough plaster walls and hardwood flooring. “Everything in here is original,” says Alex. “We embraced the building.” The goal for the salon was to create an intimate, private sitting room space that would act as a “quiet kind of getaway from Queen Street,” says Emma. The effect also encompasses the third floor massage area and adjacent lounge. 

“People are pretty excited that they can do a full afternoon spa session,” says Emma. After a haircut, they can head upstairs for a relaxing treatment in one of the adjoining massage rooms. “We have pregnancy message, hot stone massage. We’re doing a treatment called five-star treatment where you can get your feet, head and hands massaged, for people that are on the go and don’t want to commit to stripping down and dressing fully.”

The dual-floor salon is truly an escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto—a trip back in time at the heart of the city.