Countdown to Beach Season: The Ultimate SPF-Removing Face Scrub

FLARE's essential guide to getting healthy, gorgeous, fit and fashionable for summer—because the hot, hot heat is finally coming!

When the days get muggy, sweaty and sticky with SPF, we need a good face scrub to slough off our patina of hot mess. So we were intrigued to find Camp Coconut Beach Face Scrub, $28, handmade by a new, Toronto-based skin care company called Camp. The line is the brainchild of Lisa Inglis, who daylights as a copywriter (“think Mad Men’s Peggy Olson, except without the helmet hair,” she says) when she’s not whipping up batches of products in her home studio.

The recipe for Coconut Beach was inspired by a Polar Vortex-inspired vacation escape. “I had just returned to the city after a quick trip to Miami and could still smell the sunblock on my skin and my feet were so soft from walking on the beach,” Inglis explains. “I wanted to capture that same feeling for the face.”

The result is a gritty skin polisher made with four ingredients: coconut milk powder, fair trade cane sugar, organic ground oatmeal and Moroccan rhassoul clay. You mix a half-teaspoon with water to make an exfoliating paste. Inglis also suggests combining with mashed strawberries or cooled green tea to make a mask for oily skin; or with honey, plain yogurt or coconut oil to suit dry/sensitive skin. Talk about a fresh skin care idea.

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