FLARE Dare: Nancy Won Gives Up Sugar, Day 3

Fashion news editor Nancy Won attempts to kick her sugar habit


Today’s Fed Up newsletter suggested something that kinda blew my mind: “Sometimes what we mistake for a craving is really just thirst.” I think this was what Oprah would call an “aha! moment.” It suddenly occurred to me that I’ve been answering my body’s cries for life-sustaining water with sweet, sweet (but, like, really bad for you) treats. I always have a drawer full of candy on hand in case of emergency snack attack… but water? The fancy bkr bottle on my desk is more fashion than function these days. In my defense, the office water cooler is waaaay on the other side of the building and, given the choice between water half a block away and Twizzlers half a chair swivel away, I choose Twizzlers. It’s not a fair fight.

To level the playing field and test water theory, I filled my bottle first thing in the morning and made the trek as often as required. Any time I felt peckish, I drowned the craving in flavourless H20. Sounds boring—I know—but guys, it worked. THIRST! Go figure. By the end of the day, I hadn’t had any of the usual dark, twisted fantasies about holding up the local Baskin Robbins. Plus, for the first time in a long time, I felt adequately hydrated. Win-win!

Day-three state of mind: Water is the new candy.


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FLARE Dare: Nancy Won Gives Up Sugar

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