Spice Girls Beauty: Then and Now

How the '90s pop princesses have upped their beauty game

The Spice Girls now

Photo by Getty Images

The Spice Girls

Photo by Keystone Press

It’s been sixteen years since the Spice Girls first stormed the music scene with their hit “Wannabe,” and the passing of time has treated few stars better. Now in their late thirties, the women have transformed from tacky to classy, and developed a comfort and poise in front of the camera that can only come from experience. 

Here, the five ways they’ve updated their look:

1. Hair for Grownups: Back in ’96/’97, the Spice Girls were in their early twenties and wanted to appeal to a younger audience… but pigtails? Really? Now that Emma’s let her hair down and Geri has traded her fiery ringlets for a smooth bob, the Girls are pure class. (Admittedly, we miss Mel B’s sassy ‘fro.)

2. Softer Makeup: Way back when, these Brits were all hard edges: severe brows, dark eye makeup and deep burgundy lips. Now, they focus on sultry eyes, and leave the rest of their makeup diffused and glowy (read: glossy nude lips, plus a healthy mix of bronzer and highlighter). 

3. Photo-Friendly Smiles: The Open Mouth and the Over-Smile: two cheesy grins that the Spice Girls were known for. Now, the group members go for more natural expressions (except Posh, of course, who’s always worked a high-fashion smirk). 

4. Less Skin: The Spice Girls were known for their risqué ensembles: belly-baring tops, super-tight dresses and rompers cut up to there. We definitely prefer the longer hemlines and body-skimming fits of 2012, and there’s still plenty of room to show off smooth, tanned legs.

5. Bub-bye Bunny Ears: Thank goodness the five women have had enough of flashing the peace sign in every photograph. A simple pose and straight posture work wonders.

It’s true, the Spice Girls now have great personal style fit for this decade, but we’ll always fondly remember the way they were.

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