So, How Are We Feeling About Fake Bangs?

Rachel McAdams wore clip-in bangs on the red carpet. Would you try it?

Photo by Keystone Press

Rachel McAdams appeared at the L.A. premiere of her new flick, The Vow, earlier this week sporting the latest celebrity hair craze–bangs. While the celeb and fashion media (ourselves included!) loves a new star hairstyle, many speculated that McAdams’ fresh fringe was actually fake. (Snaps of the actress running errands yesterday show this to be true.)

McAdams certainly isn’t the first to sport here-today-gone-tomorrow bangs. Kim Kardashian sported a clip-in for her New Years Eve party in Las Vegas. With everyone and her co-star opting for fringe lately, it’s no wonder she and McAdams wanted to indulge–and no wonder they didn’t want the hassle an awkward grow-out phase.

You can buy a set of bangs from Hairdo, the line of hair extensions Jessica Simpson created with her hairstylist, Ken Paves. Still, we’re not sure we’re sold. The Hairdo fringe comes in 10 different shades, but unless the colour match is perfect, they’d be difficult to pull off convincingly. (It was just this issue that tipped people off to McAdams’ ‘do, though we think the overall look works.) Maybe it’s better to pull a Nicki Minaj and just clip in hot pink.

What do you think? Is Rachel McAdams pulling off the look? Would you try clip-in bangs?

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