Test Drive: Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System

Beauty lovers are raving over this miracle brush. We give it a spin


The Clarisonic is a battery-powered skin-cleansing tool that enjoys rapturous reviews from nearly all who touch it. Beauty editors are obsessed with it. Most online customer ratings give it four or five stars. I had to know: Could it really be that good?

In a word: Yes.

Right about now, you’re probably thinking, “Clarisonic sounds like an electric toothbrush.” Bingo. It was created by the same group that developed the Sonicare toothbrush, and it works the same way.The Clarisonic’s brush head moves at super-fast speeds to shake out oil and dirt from your pores and slough off dead skin cells and makeup that gets trapped in the fine lines on your face.

The system is very easy to use: Just wet your face, wet the brush, apply a non-abrasive cleanser and get to work. (Pro tip: Charge the Clarisonic immediately after you get home so you can use it asap.) The handset is waterproof, so you can cleanse in the shower, and it has a timer that beeps to tell you to move from your forehead to your chin to your cheeks. I have found this particular feature extra-helpful on groggy mornings.

Give your skin a couple of days to get used to the Clarisonic. My face felt amazingly smooth right off the bat, but I did get a few little bumps in the first week. The brush has rounded bristles and is quite soft, but I’ve found that a light touch once a day is ideal for me–you’ll find your groove.

Things settled in after a few days, and I’ve been in love ever since. The texture of my skin has improved and the blackheads on my nose are less noticeable. A couple of people have commented that I look brighter. (Not scientific, I know, but nice for the ego.) The added bonus is that cleared out pores mean skin can more readily absorb good stuff like moisturizer. Also: I haven’t touched another exfoliating product in weeks.

At $237 for the starter kit (, the Clarisonic is an investment, for sure. But really and truly, my skin has never felt better.