Love Face Oils? Try Antioxidant-Rich Olive Oil

Why we’re obsessed with the new olive oil–based skincare products from Vancouver’s small-batch beauty brand Belmondo

Belmondo the dew nourishing olive oil face oil

Belmondo’s The Dew Nourishing Olive Oil Face Oil, $45

There are plenty of fancy face oils on the market these days, but when it comes to packing an antioxidant punch, olive oil is the original natural beauty fix.

It’s also the star ingredient in Vancouver-based Belmondo’s line of small-batch organic skin-care products. FLARE’s fave? The Dew, a luxurious beauty oil for an instant glow.

Belmondo the cloud velvety olive oil face cream

The Cloud Velvety Olive Oil Face Cream, $52; After the Rain Soothing Witch Hazel Face Toner, $38; The Dunes Gentle Almond Oil Face Scrub, $35