Beauty Lesson: Does A New South Korean Beauty Line Have Anti-Aging Powers?

Seanol, an antioxidant found in brown algae, comes to Canada

Seanol The Petipore Cava Seanol Deep Clean Cava

This year, a new line of South Korean beauty products has come to Canada and it wants to change the way you think about your beauty routine. The star ingredient is a patented antioxidant called Seanol, which can now be purchased in cleansers, moisturizers, hair products and toothpaste.

What is Seanol?  The short name for an FDA-approved purified extract of ecklonia cava, a brown algae that grows off the coast of South Korea’s Jeju Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The algae is known for protecting aquatic life from ultraviolet rays.

What does it do?  According to Seanol Canada, the formula penetrates deep into cells and traps free radicals, atoms in the atmosphere that damage cell structure and cause aging. It also prevents the breakdown of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid while promoting healthy blood circulation.

Does it work? 
We tried the line’s frothy foaming cleanser, The Deep Clean Cava, along with The Petipore Cava, their silky gel-like moisturizer said to minimize pores and develop a youthful glow. After using the products for a week, our skin already felt softer and smoother, which meant that applying makeup was a breeze. Our pores also seemed less noticeable, probably due to the rosy glow that seemed to overtake our complexion. If all Korean beauty products are this good, get us on the next flight!

FLARE picks
: The Deep Clean Cava, $24, and The Petipore Cava, $49,