Rock the Sunblock: 6 Fast-Drying Face Formulas

An ounce of prevention—SPF, of course—is worth a pound of cure. Six fast-drying sunscreen formulas for the face and how to apply them.

Lily Collins and Emma Watson; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Lily Collins and Emma Watson; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Shirking the sun with a Saint Laurent–style wide-brimmed chapeau isn’t just a statement, it’s skin-smart. After all, it’s UV exposure, not the predestined ravages of time, that we can blame for marring collagen and elastin fibres and damaging DNA—and consequently, the look, feel and health of our complexion. That’s why dermatologists predictably preach that a broad-spectrum sunscreen, used consistently, will help keep skin youthful as long as possible. But while the message to protect yourself (daily, rain or shine!) is as familiar as scoldy lessons to eat your vegetables, in recent years companies have increasingly turned their attention to making innovative textures that feel, in insider-speak, “cosmetically elegant.” Replacing yesterday’s sticky goop and ghostly zinc casts, these are milky, dry-touch lotions and invisible mineral-based SPFs you’ll want to wear—really. For sufficient protection, you need a shot-glass amount of sunscreen on your body, including a teaspoon on your face and neck.

SunscreensFrom left: Alyria Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45, $57. Cyberderm Every Morning Sun Whip SPF 25, $38. Lancome Benfait UV SPF 50, $35. Ombrelle Ultra Fluid SPF 60 Lotion, $17. Neostrata Protective Lotion SPF 45, $29.50. Clarins Sun Control Stick SPF 30, $34.