Shop for the Cause Breast Cancer

Four products you can feel good about buying

Shop for the cause

The fight against breast cancer has a powerful secret weapon: our love of shopping. We don’t exactly need an excuse to buy something cute and pink… but we do love knowing we’re contributing to a good cause as we’re buying something cute and pink.
With so many female-friendly companies jumping on the breast cancer bandwagon (and thank goodness they are), you’re sure to find something that looks as good on you as it feels to buy. Here are a few of our favourites:


Essie Pink Ribbon mini duo: Soft pink polish with a hint of shimmer (and it actually stays put!), plus a cute travel-sized nail file. $11



“Comfort Meets Cause” Ouchless brush: Pick up one up next time you’re at the drugstore, or visit their website to place a bid on one that’s signed by a celeb such as Eva Longoria, J. Lo or Josh Hartnett. The auction runs until October 31. $10.99 at most drugstores



DuWop Power Kiss Lip Venom: SThe lip-plumping wonder we know and love, in an adorable pink case with a mirror and metal strap (just like a little purse), with a touch of pink shimmer. $22.99 at Sephora



Scotch Pink Duct tape: It’s not your usual beauty product, sure. But in addition to adding a girly burst of colour to our toolboxes (and every woman should have her own tools!), duct tape is great for quick-fixing hems, keeping bra straps in place and other fashion emergencies. $4.99 at Home Depot, Canadian Tire and other select retailers.

-Kali Pearson


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