Shiseido Turns 140: See The Anniversary Collection!

The cosmetics company celebrates 140 years with a series of beautiful and innovative products

Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido, which originated as a pharmacy in Tokyo that combined Eastern aesthetics with Western science, first opened its doors in 1872. Arinobu Fukuhara, company founder and a former Navy pharmacist, was responsible for creating gentler, sweeter smelling beauty products than were traditionally available. Case in point: he introduced a toothpaste in convenient cake form that tasted better than the tooth cleansing powder (made with burnt salt and limestone, blech!) that was everywhere at the time. 

Fast forward 140 years and Shiseido is still changing the face of beauty with innovative cosmetics. This week, the Bay releases Shiseido’s Makeup Lacquer Rouge, $30, a lip product that offers the deep, longlasting colour of a lipstick with the high shine of a gloss. The series includes vibrant shades like orange flame-hued Blaze and berry-toned Nymph, and is inspired by Japanese lacquerware techniques from as long as 9000 years ago, where wood or paper was covered with a hard, shiny finish. 

Also to look forward to this fall, limited edition Zen Secret Bloom Eau de Parfum Intense, $68, a mixture of jasmine and freesia with patchouli and vanilla, will launch October 15. One month later, the limited edition Camellia Compact, $38, a velvety blush and highlighter palette in an exquisite black case with camellia motif, will become available.