shake it up

Shake it up
How to keep interest in your book club alive

If it’s been a while since you started your very own book club and interest is starting to fizzle, it might be time for some new ideas. Rekindle interest and build momentum for the new season with some fun and fabulous ideas to keep your group both interesting and interested.
The more the merrier
Host a joint meeting with another book group occasionally. Bringing in new faces every once in a while will keep your group on its toes and inject new ideas to the mix. 

Change the local
If you typically rotate houses, why not try something new. Try meeting at a restaurant, coffee shop or even an outdoor spot like a park. Try picking a venue that fits the theme of your novel such as an outdoor café for a book set in Paris.

Get in the game
There’s no reason why you can’t act silly every once in awhile. Wasn’t it fun being a kid? Get your book club members to dress up in character. Have everyone pick their favourite literary personality and come in character. Didn’t we all want to be Scarlett O’Hara at one point? Take turns guessing who everyone is. Make it fun!

Invite a guest star
Select a book by a local author and see if you can get them to come participate in a discussion with your group. Make sure you also ask them to sign the books!

Raise the stakes
Hold your own annual book awards. Choose categories such as the best book of the year, worst, best memoir, best main character and vote for the winners. If you want, give a prize to the book club member who picked the winning book in the first place.