SHADES OF GLORY chats with Robert Marc about his luxe sunglass line

SHADES OF GLORY chats with Robert Marc about his luxe sunglass line


Why are so many celebs drawn to your glasses?

RM: As an accessory, sunglasses are the best. Celebs who are running around don’t want to put on makeup that day or are hiding, they’re just easy. Also, celebs really like something that’s exclusive, unique and special—just like our customer.

What are the “must-haves” for everyone?

RM: This season it’s all about retro and specifically plastics – the ones that tend towards what might be considered to be sort of nerdy. There’s a return to less flash and little bit more intellectual but definitely with glamour and fashion

What are this season’s key looks?

RM: My entire collection this season was inspired by the tropics. It’s a place I like to relax and where I really get away from it so we did colours like lava with hibiscus, Havana with melon, iced tea with mango and daiquiri with guava. The colours are so important. Especially in the translucents because they’re what’s happening in fashion right now.

Shields are happening again and it’s really fantastic and is one of my signature pieces this season. Other looks are the Wave, which has a pattern in the frame to show the underlying material beneath, and The splash, which has a splash of crystals across the frame, but really subtle and beautifully done. Aviators are the other big trend, and again, it’s very retro inspired but it’s so classic and people like Chloe Sevigny are loving this sort of look now

What are your tips for buying sunglasses to suit your face?

RM: You want to contrast frame shape with face shape so if you have a round face, you want to go with a frame that’s a little bit more rectangular with a little bit harder edge, and that will create angles on your face. If you have a square face, you want a softer look, more oval in shape that softens the face.

One of the more important things is to keep the frame in scale and balance for you. There are lots of different shapes that can work for you but you have to keep it in scale. If you are very petite you can still have a bigger look, but not as big necessarily as someone else. I always say for example if you’re a size 8 dress, you wouldn’t buy a 16.

What are three words to describe Robert Marc sunglasses?

RM: Luscious. I’m really one of few designers that custom makes all my own material. They’re rich and beautiful and we do a beautiful colour on the inside of the frames so it has a real lusciousness to it.

Comfort. I think that the person wears the sunglass, not the other way around. I like to see people really exude confidence when they wear our glasses and really feel great in them, not something that overtakes them.

Beauty. I’m not about creating a piece of art to sit on the table or hang on a wall, it’s really about what it does for the person, and that’s what it’s all about for me.

Robert Marc sunglasses are available at Josephson Opticians in Toronto or go to for other locations.

Aya McMillan