September Horoscope

For the Month of September 2007


Now is the time for Virgoans to buckle down and make the most of life with respect to what you can do, what you can’t do and what you must do. On the 11th, you burst forth onto the scene of your life in unexpected ways. Challenge authority on the 21st. Spend money on yourself wisely on the 26th, but don’t be stingy—you deserve a reward.

This month’s undercurrents would make you anxious if it weren’t for your intuition, which is so very strong from the 8th. You’re so confident, in fact, that it hardly matters what you are consciously thinking. Find yourself at the right place, at the right time, on the 9th. From the 13th–18th, be brilliant. Words open you up to love on the 21st. On the 26th, put your best self forward.

Your partner lightens his hold on you after the 8th. He has set you free to see if you are really his; although you know you can only belong to yourself, he doesn’t need to know that—unless you want him to. Money and power are a potent mix from the 21st–26th; don’t confuse the two, but don’t hide from the challenge of mixing them, either.

Starting this month, a lot will be expected of you for a long time to come. From the 11th, it’s clear you have done such a good job convincing people that you can do anything because now they expect results. Skip trying to be perfect and you’ll do fine. Meet a relationship challenge on the 21st. He loves and idolizes you; sometimes, this puts him in a bad mood. Go figure.

Now and for the next two years is the time to study all the things you want and need to know to get ahead. You are never too old to go back to school. Take steps after the 11th toward this goal. Confrontations that arise from the 19th–22nd are best left to simmer. The time to stand up for your truth is around the 26th, when you express yourself with power and clarity.

Relationship matters begin to right themselves after the 8th. You are incredibly forgiving, and he knows how lucky he is to have you. From the 11th, though, sharing is an issue. You are generous with your possessions but not always willing to change your mind. Be open to the ideas of others on the 21st—you have so much to learn and to give when you truly listen.

You are entering the realm of serious commitment. From the 2nd–10th, make sure it’s what you want. After that, expect the unexpected and hold on to what you’ve got. Your true love could be irritating from the 17th–21st; it’ll pass. All is well on the 26th, when life’s give-and-take is filled with good conversation and deep agreement.

From the 11th, commit to well-being in terms of body, mind and emotions—your own as well as that of the people in your life. Friends are a barrel of laughs on the 9th and 18th. Misunderstandings on the 17th could be funny if you just step back a little. Throw yourself into the best game in town on the 26th.

From the 11th, get serious about creativity—kids, art or business. There is money to be made—and spent—on the 9th. If it’s what you want, it’s worth it. When the bill comes between the 18th and 21st, don’t be surprised at your extravagance, even if someone else is. Around the 26th, the spotlight falls on your excellence in your job.

Look at every possibility for promoting your beliefs on the 9th. From the 13th–21st, enthusiasm works in your favour. Anyone who challenges you is helping by showing you where you could make things even better. Socialize like crazy around the 26th. If you’re single, you could meet a special guy; if not, this is still the time to have fun.

People around you are frenzied on the 3rd. Let them act up—it’s not your problem. Look into the possibility of education or travel after the 12th. It may seem like a make-work project, but you’ll be glad about it in a year or two. Be ambitious but not pushy on the 26th. Your spirits and vitality rise after the 28th.


From the 8th, yours is a lighter life. Great feats of ambition achieved over the past year or two are done, and done well. Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate with your special someone on the 9th. On the 18th, dream of possible futures. Let love and passion collide on the 21st. Whatever you do for fun is highly recommended on the 26th. 


  ?Julie Simmons

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