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Age: 21
School: McMaster University
Stoney Creek, ON
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It’s my last day at FLARE and I can’t believe my internship has gone by so quickly! It’s been a rewarding experience and I’ve learned so much. I feel really fortunate to have won the Intern Search because it gave me the chance to intern in 5 unique and exciting departments with talented and inspiring individuals. For my final blog as a intern, I thought I’d reflect on my experience in each department.

Anja Rubik
Anja Rubik’s cool crop

I’m a beauty product and skincare fanatic so pulling products from the beauty closet was like being let loose in Sephora after mall hours. I cannot emphasize how many variations and brands there are. I think it’s fascinating to see how runway trends are translated into beauty looks, so it was interesting to see how the Editors, Juliette Baxter and Carlene Higgins, interpret the international trends (which are often outrageous) and make them wearable for FLARE readers. It was the photo of Anja Rubik in ‘The Latest Crop’ from the February issue (pg. 52) that inspired me to chop my long brown locks for a fresh look!

Interning in the Beauty Department involves pulling products, organizing the beauty closet, compiling press kits, calling PR reps for requests, transcribing interviews and research. You gain valuable career experience as you work closely with the Editors and observe how the stories develop and the section comes together. I was lucky enough to go on set for the story ‘The Big Tease’ where I got to interview hairstylist Greg Wencel!

Emilio Pucci Fall RTW 2008
Emilio Pucci Fall RTW 2008

If you’re passionate like me about the newest styles and designers, the Fashion Department is for you! Imagine spending your days with Lanvin dresses, Chanel blazers and Marni platforms. Dream worthy right? Although the bulk of the work is administrative – tending to couriers, receiving and shipping merchandise, and organizing the fashion closet, you work directly with the merchandise and are the first to see all the latest styles. You gain valuable experience contacting PR reps and on occasion interns have the opportunity to go to photo shoots with the Editors. Learning from Editors Elizabeth Cabral and Tammy Palmer was pretty amazing. I excitably open the new issue each month to see the way they have interpreted the runway trends.

I loved working with the other Interns in the Fashion Closet because they are incredibly talented and got equally excited every time we unpacked a new box from one of the designers. The environment is fast paced and there is never a dull moment. The senior interns offered valuable insight and who knows, our paths may cross again some day!

Toronto Alternative Fashion Week
Toronto Alternative Fashion Week

Alex Breen and Elio Iannacci, the Entertainment and Features Editors were so fun to intern for. They are incredibly passionate about film and music. It was a great learning experience to sit with Alex and see how a typical day for her unfolds. She showed me the editorial process for the Features Department and I got to chat with her about her experience when she was an intern and she gave me great advice.

I had the opportunity to do some research for the June and July issues. This involved navigating through tons of websites to source information on album release dates, summer music tours, DVD releases, upcoming summer flicks, new books, art exhibitions, and exciting events across Canada. It really helps if you are pop-culture savvy so you know exactly where to look on the web. Afterwards Alex would go through all the research with me so I could see how they decide on what is most appropriate to be featured in FLARE. Interning in the Features Department teaches you to be resourceful and you definitely become an insider to all the cool events happening across the country!

There is always a buzz in marketing with all the FLARE events happening – from the FLARE and H&M exclusive shopping event to the FLARE Gala during Fashion Week. It was exciting to see all the planning and strategizing that goes on for the publication. Interns learn about marketing, promotions, media relations and advertising functions. You also may assist in promotional planning and events. It’s important to be organized and to excel at multitasking as you assist the department with any daily duties or administrative tasks from arranging mailing distributions and couriers to research.

FLARE Volunteer Awards

What I loved most about the Marketing Department is their dedication to the FLARE Volunteer Awards. Each year they recognize 6 Canadian women who contribute to bettering the lives of people in their communities. The event encourages volunteerism across the nation and celebrates the achievements and difference these 6 influential women have made for others. While interning in Marketing I researched organizations across the country for the next FLARE Volunteer Awards. I encourage you to get involved and make a difference in your community.
As you can see my experience as a intern has been a unique one. It’s given me the advantage of learning how other departments operate and the chance to provide you, the readers, an insider’s perspective. With the web being such a strong component in the fashion world blogs are becoming ever more popular. I really value for its strong presence in the Canadian fashion community and contributing to the site has been so rewarding.

Thank you to the judges: Lisa Tant, Liz Cabral, Juliette Baxter, Elio Iannacci, Amanda Virtanen, Tracy Finkelstein and Janet Stern for giving me the amazing opportunity to intern with FLARE. Thank you to Zdenka Turecek for your guidance and the chance to work on so many exciting assignments. Finally thank you to all the readers who watched my video and voted for me. I hope my intern experience will inspire you to go out and pursue your dreams. Thank you FLARE Magazine and for making mine a reality!

Stephanie Trendocher



I’ve had several readers contact me with questions about interning and I hope to answer them the best I can!

My advice for anyone trying to land an internship is to be persistent! Do your research and find out who the best contacts are in each department. Send out as many resumes as you can. If you don’t hear back right away, remain optimistic! Follow up and keep in contact with anyone you interview with. You never know how your paths will cross in the future. Enthusiasm for the industry is absolutely essential. If you are passionate and knowledgeable about fashion and magazines your potential will shine through during interviews. I’ve had the chance to work with many of the interns here at FLARE and they are all outstanding!

Become familiar with designers, writers, photographers and read tons of magazines. Be proactive! Get involved in with any fashion events in your city, collaborate with other creative minds, write for your college newspaper or start your own blog. (I have one!) It will give you exposure and valuable experience.

Remember that most internships are for course credit. Find out if your program offers internship placements and if they don’t take the initiative and apply for a summer internship! Choosing a program at school can be difficult but don’t feel your interests should restrict you. FLARE has so many different departments and your education can prepare you for an editorial career in a variety of ways. The Interns at FLARE major in everything from Art History, Marketing, Fashion Communications, Design, English, Journalism to Film Studies.

To sum it up, an intern should be persistent, enthusiastic, passionate and hard working. Know that your dedication will pay off and your dreams can become a reality! Why don’t you check out the Jobs page to find out how you can apply for an internship at FLARE.

Thanks for all your questions!



I really love the new look of The web plays such an integral role for fashion these days providing instant access to fashion news. How cool is it that there was coverage of Toronto’s Fashion Week as it was happening? FLARE makes sure its readers are always up to date with the latest hype.

It’s been really rewarding to be a part of the team and seeing the launch of the new look for While has been my outlet to write about interning in the other departments, I’ve also had the chance to do some really fun work for the Online Department itself. Some of the assignments I’ve been given for include researching fashion trends, sourcing photos, and writing the quiz of the month.

What I’ve loved most about my internship is the variety of assignments I get, as they change day to day. I’m always learning something new and interesting! So many talented people contribute to every detail in FLARE and being a part of the creative process has made me aware of all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. It was so exciting to open the April issue and see how the beauty shoot I went on turned out and to see what pieces the Editors choose for the fashion stories from when I was interning in the Fashion Department. My intern experience has given me incredible insight to the editorial process of each department and it’s certainly opened my eyes to the range of possible careers within publishing!

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