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Scent Scene

Elio Iannacci matches the latest tunes, books and widescreen dreams to your fragrance personality

Forget Team Aniston or Team Angelina – are you on Team Amber? Your scent preferences say a lot about you. Enjoying the sweet smell of vanilla and honey on your skin makes you a totally different kind of woman than a sensual oriental and amber-lovin’ lady. Hard science aside, oriental patrons like their music, movies and books to be as sexy as their spritz, and citrus girls like it light and lively.

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Scent: Any scent with a bouquet such as Oscar de la Renta Oscar Pink Lily Eau de Toilette, 60 mL, $49, with pink lily and tea rose, gets you giddy.

Music: Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s latest album, Trip the Light Fantastic , in the next month. Filled with haute hooks and addictive-to-hear lyrics, Ellis-Bextor’s disc is set to become the disc for dreamy types like you.

Books: William Shakespeare is the hottest man you know and, this spring, you’re in luck. The Royal Shakespeare Company is launching a brand-new book of his complete works (the first in 300 years).

Movies: Besides buying the recently released DVD William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet – Music Edition, look out for the big-screen fantasy epic Stardust , starring Sienna Miller, Michelle Pfeiffer and Claire Danes. Dripping with chivalry, Charlie Cox (of Casanova fame) plays Ms. Miller’s knight in shining armour, who is set upon a journey that will ease his weary heart.

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Scent: If you remember overdosing on CK One, you’ll be just as intrigued by the limited-edition CK One Summer, 100 mL, $60, with fresh squeezed grapefruit and creamy vanilla.

Music: You take your scents the same way you take your lunches and your pop music: light and fresh. Kylie Minogue is one of your idols, naturally (pick up her latest album, Kylie Showgirl Homecoming Live , filled with her live hits and a duet with Bono), because she keeps your energy up at the gym and inspires you to sparkle on the dance floor.

Book: A new book you’ll adore is Gwen Cooper’s Diary of a South Beach Party Girl . It has all your favourites as staples: celebs, scenesters, party boys and, of course, your place of natural habitat, nightclubs (“Bartender, two lemon-drop martinis, please!”).

Movie: For your film of choice, get thee to Shrek the Third as soon as you can – we all know you’ve watched the first two Shrek DVDs with your nieces way too many times and loved them more than they did. That crazy Mike Myers!

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Scent: You’re enamoured with the sensual smell of rich spices, amber and a tropical-bloom top note. (You’ll adore Estéban Le Bain Eau de Toilette in Sensuelle Russie, 100 mL, $56, with bergamot, cinnamon and patchouli notes.)

Music: During a dinner party, you’re likely to play chic Parisian-inspired sounds (think Amélie sound track) or highly orchestrated pieces of music. The latest piano-driven tracks by Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of legendary French seducteur/crooner Serge Gainsbourg, from her disc 5:55 is a perfect addition to your already haute CD collection.

Books: Your reading choices usually reflect your heady choices in perfume. Seek out Satisfaction: Women, Sex, and the Quest for Intimacy by New York Times writer Dr. Anita H. Clayton. This first-person narrative delves into matters of the heart and the libido with intellect, charm and jaw-dropping research.

Movies: Onscreen, loyal orientalists should check out Becoming Jane , starring Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen. The film depicts a very steamy Austen having a hot and literary love affair with Irishman Thomas Lefroy, played by James McAvoy.

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Scent: Ever since the dawning of Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver, foodies have been coming out of the kitchen to profess their fondness for gourmand scents. Enticed by the smells of the patisserie, spice racks and chocolatiers, gourmand connoisseurs are ladies who know it all when it comes to the tastiest ingredients to dab behind the ear, such as the cardamom, banana crème and vanilla notes in Jean Patou Sira des Indes Eau de Parfum, 70 mL, approximately $158.

Music: From your tabletop to the turntable, our recommendation would be a healthy helping of the soulful diva Jill Scott. A feast for the ear, her latest disc, Collaborations , features duets with Common, Will Smith and Kirk Franklin.

Books: John Bishop’s Fresh is your best pick of the page, as the famed restaurateur spills the beans on all of his finest recipes, all proudly made with local Canadian produce.

Movies: Watch out for a drama called No Reservations . Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as a top chef at an upscale New York restaurant. If you can’t wait, go ahead and rent Mostly Martha , a film that strikes the same chord as No Reservations.

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Scent: If you dig the dewy scent of a meadow after a spring rain or the aroma of fresh-cut grass, your fragrance family is green. (Splash on L’Occitane Green Tea Eau de Toilette, 100 mL, $50, for day and Gucci Envy Me 2, 100 mL, $108, a woody scent with magnolia and violet leaves, for night.)

Music: Feist’s latest album, The Reminder . The disc pairs the delicate vocals of Toronto ‘s own premier chanteuse with seasoned organic pop.

Books: Our suggestion for your bedside reading would be Notes from Canada’s Young Activists . The book focuses on a handful of inspiring young Canucks who are changing the nation, community and environment with eco-friendly initiatives and humanitarian programs.

DVDs: Watch Twin Peaks: The Second Season , which has just been released on DVD. Known for creating the famous question “Who killed Laura Palmer?”, Twin Peaks is set among lush forests and has a spectacular plot shrouded in mystery.

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