Saturated Sunset Eyes At Denis Gagnon

Unexpected pops of colour in makeup and clothes

Photo by Adam Moco

Take the bright hues of a sunset, crank the saturation to its fullest, and you have the eyeshadow look from Denis Gagnon’s Toronto fashion week show. The vivid pink and orange shades diverged from the designer’s signature edgy-punk style, but all made perfect sense on the runway, where Gagnon’s typical palette of black and grey was punched up with unexpected pops of electric colour peeping out from below a skirt or in the lining of a glove. To create the look, L’Oréal makeup artist Eddie Malter started by covering the lid with L’Oréal HiP Studio Secrets in Flare, a fiery orange powder. His top tip for applying bright eyeshadow? Pat the powder onto the lid using a flat brush in order to get the highest pigment pay-off while also avoiding stray powder falling down onto cheekbones. Next, Malter added dimension by brushing a gold shimmer above the top lashline. He then blended a bright pink shade (L’Oréal HiP Studio Secrets in Adventurous) into the crease. To let the eyeshadow steal the show, Malter kept the rest minimal. “I like to leave eyebrows natural and no mascara either,” he said. Hair was similarly simple, pulled back into a sleek centre-parted pony.

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