Does the World Really Need Rosé Deodorant?!

This new product really takes "rosé all day" to a new level

Rosé deodorant in a white package with pink writing is part of a three-piece set of deodorants with brunch-inspired scents; inline image.
You sip it from noon to night posted on the dock all cottage weekend. You plaster its name on cute t-shirts and tote bags. You drink it in slush form. Hell, it’s such a dainty drink, it’s even somewhat acceptable to imbibe around brekkie. But, is it time to say “yes way rosé” to rosé deodorant?

Yep, you read that right. Native Cosmetics released rosé for your pits on June 21—the first day of summer, naturally—and it has us feeling some type of way. The San Francisco-based company’s booze-scented deodorants come in three brunch-inspired aromas, Rosé, Sangria and Mimosa, so when you’ve just had too much “rosé all day,” you can swipe on the fresh scent of wine-soaked fruit or champagne and O.J. LOL.

The brand does boast using only natural, non-toxic ingredients so at least you can smell like a boozer without actually smearing liquor on your underarms! And no, they don’t contain any actual alcohol.

What a time to be alive, amiright?

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