What to Buy When Even Bunz Can't Help You Snag Unicorn Tears

Everyone we know on Bunz Trading Zone is ISO Unicorn Tears—a.k.a., the Too Faced lipstick in the prettiest opalescent shade—so we found 5 iridescent and irresistible beauty products to tide you over until you can snag this cult favourite

If the quirky name of Too Faced’s La Crème Lipstick in Unicorn Tears doesn’t get you, just one look at its opalescent, violet-y sheen will have you dying to add it to your beauty stash. It only takes a quick scroll through Bunz Makeup Zone—the beauty offshoot of Bunz Trading Zone, the Facebook group and app that allows users to trade items, no cash allowed—to see how in-demand it is. Tons of people are ISO this popular and pretty shade, seemingly willing to trade their right arms for it. That’s probably because its availability comes and goes on both the Too Faced and Sephora websites, so it takes a lot of dedication to land one. Somehow, I managed to track down a single tube, but it’s defs possible that it will be sold out the next time you check. If you face this horrible situation and find yourself in need of a little more unicorn in your life, don’t fret. Here are our fave new opalescent beauty products that will leave you glistening like a unicorn goddess.

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