Prom Ready from A-Z

Prom Ready from A-Z
From sweat stains to panty lines, prom brings all kinds of stressors into play. Read on for tips to help you get the most out of your extra-special night

A – Ask a date. Don’t wait for prince charming to ask you, if you already have a man in mind, surprise him.

B – Borrow, borrow, borrow. Don’t waste money if you don’t need to. From dresses, to shoes, to clutches – scour the closets of friends and family to see what’s up for grabs.

C – Camera happy. Don’t forget to take snapshots throughout your big night. These are the pictures that you’ll look back on for years to come, so keep your camera close.

D – Dance! This is your last high school dance, so don’t waste the night away feeling too self-conscious to get down. Slow dancing is simple – and fast dancing with a big group of friends will alleviate some of the pressure.

E – Exfoliate. Start exfoliating your skin up to three weeks before the big day and be sure to moisturize post-exfoliation. By prom night you’ll be smooth as silk!

F – Flowers are a must. Discuss the colour and style you prefer with your date in advance so that you don’t end up ruining your white silk dress by pinning on a berry arrangement. And don’t forget to order him a boutonniere!

G – Girls night! Can find a date? Head to prom with your closest girlfriends – or boyfriends for that matter – because prom is only romantic if you want it to be!

H –  Have fun! Don’t put too much pressure on prom night. From finding the perfect dress to having the perfect date, the purpose of prom can often get lost in the stress of it all. Remember all the way through that prom is about having a great time with great friends in celebration of the years of hard work and the bright future ahead.

I – Invest in what matters to you. Just because your girlfriends are getting ready at the salon, doesn’t mean you have to. Unless it’s something that will truly make the evening special for you, then save yourself the expense. Create a budget and divide it as you see fit.


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J – Jewelry. Often with prom, costume jewelry gets substituted for the real thing. Just remember that if it’s on loan, its safety is in your hands and the last thing you want to be worried about is whether the clasp on great-grandma Ruby’s pearls is holding up. Costume jewelry is just as fun with half of the headache.

K – Keepsakes. Sure, photos will capture the memories of the night, but snag yourself a keepsake, too. Take a rose to dry at home from the centerpiece, or throw your place card in your purse. They will serve as fun reminders later on.

L – Limos are a thing of the past. Rather than going to the expense, think of more creative ways of arriving safely to and from prom. Why not rent a bus so that all of your friends can arrive together? Better yet, you can all split the bill!

M – Metallics! Be sure to incorporate this hot trend into your look. From your eyelids to your footwear, there are a million fun ways to make you shimmer. tip: Think about metallic nail polish for just a touch of modern cool.

N – Nerves
They will try to get the best of you, so stick to the basics: breathe deep and keep your blood sugar up with a glass of juice before you head to the pre-prom bash. Do whatever works best for you to stay calm, cool and keep your head on straight all night.

O – Online shopping. If the shopping in your town is limited then look to online shopping as an alternative. Just remember to order in advance so you’re not waiting for the mailman the day of! tip: Try eBay for vintage or hard-to-find items.

P – Pamper yourself. Prom comes but once a year – sometimes once a lifetime – so don’t be afraid to go all out. You deserve it!

Q – Quiz yourself. Ten minutes before your ride is set to pull into the driveway, run through a checklist and make sure that you are as prom-ready as you’ll ever be. tip: Click here for the FLARE fail-safe checklist.

R – Rides are essential. Have mom and dad on speed dial, or pre-arrange a pick-up by your big bro or sis – but whatever you do, make sure your ride is a safe one.


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S – Sweat stains suck. Between the stress and potential heat of the day, be prepared to sweat. Consider darker colours, which will help camouflage underarm marks, because let’s face it: prom fabrics don’t breathe. Even the calm, cool and collected are bound to get a little dewy!

T – Touch-ups. Don’t forget to head to the loo post-dinner to blot and reapply as necessary. You’re likely wearing more makeup than usual, so touch-ups are a must. Check out makeup pro Min Min Ma’s helpful beauty tips here.

U – Undergarments can be tricky. With the intricate cuts and fabrics of prom wear, be sure to under-dress appropriately. Panty lines and bras straps will distract from the outfit you’ve worked so hard to pull together, so go seamless and strapless if necessary.

V – Vintage rules. From your dress to your jewelry, vintage is the way to go. Not only will you save cash, but the odds of showing up in the same dress as a classmate drop significantly. And don’t forget close-to-home vintage – ask your mom if she still has her old prom dress. It’s probably back on trend anyway!

W – Weather-ready. Check your 5-day forecast and be prepared for the inevitable. If the temp is set to drop, then make sure you have a jacket or pashmina as back-up – no one wants to be a prom-popsicle!

X – X-pectations will only lead to disappointment. If you expect prom to be the best night of your life, it’s bound to fall short. (Remember your last New Year’s Eve?) Just head into it hoping to have as much fun as last Saturday night and anything beyond will be a huge bonus!

Y – Yes. You’ve likely been zeroing in on your dream date all year, but if an invitation comes from someone else – consider saying yes. It may take the evening in an unexpected direction. There’s something to that age-old phrase: “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”!

Z – Zzzzzz. Stock up on your Zzz’s beforehand so that you’re not yawning the night away. Prom is the one night that parents tend to bend the curfew, so take advantage of the late night by staying awake and alert thanks to the extra sleep you’ve banked.


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