5 Easy Hairstyles to Combat Winter Static and Frizz

These five foolproof styles will get you ready and out the door in a flash

Rain, snow, wind, not to mention hat hair and the static that comes with dry indoor air this time of year—’tis the season for bad hair. But just because it seems like all the forces are working against you having a good hair day doesn’t mean you have to throw your hair into a boring ponytail in defeat. Here are five easy hairstyles that triumph over woeful winter weather.

The Half-Up French Braid

Section into two pieces along the part line and French braid each section, securing with small elastics at the ends. Lay the right braid to the left side at the back of the head and secure in place with a few bobby pins. Repeat on the opposite side, concealing the elastic under the braid. Let the remaining hair fly free—waves, curls and even some frizz will look perfectly undone.

The No-Mirror Twist

When to try this style: For a pre-dinner updo (that can be done in the back of an Uber).

Pull hair back into a low, loose ponytail and tie with an elastic. Just above your elastic, divide the hair in two and tuck hair through the hole to form a twist. Leave the end of the ponytail loose.

The Topknot

When to try this style: For a speedy updo after spin class.

Rake hair with your fingers into a high ponytail (don’t worry about bumps or fly-aways) and secure with an elastic. Twist hair and coil around the elastic to form a bun. Secure in place with a few bobby pins. Bonus: When you unravel the bun at the end of the day, your hair will have a beautiful loose wave.

The Dutch Braid

When to try this style: When you want a blow-dryer-free morning.

Beginning at the crown of your head, draw sections into a Dutch braid (each piece folds under, rather than over like a French braid). Secure with an elastic, roll the end up to the nape of the neck, and fix in place with a few bobby pins. To create a loose, wide braid, shake in volumizing powder (we used Göt2b Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder, $10) along the braid and gently tug the loops to expand.

The Super-Simple Side Part

When to try this style: When you’ve overslept before a big meeting.

Zero patience and even less interest in dealing with your hair? Product is your friend. Part hair and lightly dampen with water, gently comb through a dollop of mousse to tame frizz, and pull hair back into a low ponytail or bun.

Photography by Marie H Rainville
Styled by Vanessa Taylor
Hair & makeup by Vanessa Jarman
2016 Envision courtesy of Buick

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