Pick A Side: Are You A Modern-Day Betty or Veronica?

Vote for the girl that you relate to most


Photo Courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics

It’s a classic trope: the good girl vs. the bad girl. In novels, in films, in the media, we turn women into stock characters that are easily recognizable because, well, it makes things easy. Of course, we’re all “a little bit of everything, all rolled into one,” as Meredith Brooks sang in her 1997 anthem, Bitch.

Still, it’s fun to pick a side – the one that you identify with most – even if just for today. We want to know, “Are you a Betty (the good girl) or a Veronica (the bad girl)?” Naturally, we’re referring to the frenemies who competed for Archie’s heart in the Archie comic book series – a storyline that M.A.C will tap into for their Archie’s Girls makeup collection, due out in Spring 2013.

Betty, the good gal: She represents the kind of girl that always did her homework on time in high school, probably while twirling her pigtails. Her parents didn’t let her date until she was sixteen, so she spent a lot of time chatting on the phone and daydreaming while cuddling her pillow. She always has a kind word for everyone and is an excellent baker – plus, she makes her own clothing and cares about the environment. She prefers natural makeup and is a sucker for flowers and kittens. She likes to play team sports like women’s baseball ’cause she’s all about girl power.

Veronica, the bad gal: She represents the kind of girl that had twelve boyfriends in her senior year because she likes getting presents. She’s spoiled, but she knows how to flutter her eyelashes just so, which means that she gets away with everything. Fiercely competitive, she’ll take down anyone that gets in the way of a goal, whether it be to win the homecoming crown or to date the richest guy in town. She loves look-at-me makeup like sparkly eyeshadow or red lips. She has a tattoo on her back, but she’ll burn you with her cigarette if you call it a tramp stamp.

So, which girl do you identify with most? Take our poll!