It’s Official: Pennywise Is Halloween’s “It” Costume. Here Are 8 Sexy Looks for Inspo

If you already had a Halloween costume plan, you may need to scrap it, because the must-have look of 2017 is... a sexy Pennywise costume?! Here's how to get the look

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—by which we mean Halloween, of course. After all, when else is it perfectly acceptable to run errands dressed as a member of the Spice Girls or head to work in full-on mermaid gear? But hold the phone, because in a twisted turn of events, the hottest costume of 2017 is… a sexy take on Pennywise the clown?!

That’s right, plucked from the nightmares caused by Stephen King’s novel and the recent blockbuster thriller comes a horrific yet *sultry* clown costume. Trust, we are just as shook as you are.

If you’re into trying the trend yourself, remember: this look is one part miscreant, two parts blood and a red balloon to really spice the whole look up. Oh, you wanted more practical advice? Okay: Go heavy on the eyeliner, don a red vixen wig and pack on the glitter, because Sexy Pennywise has got that smouldering look on lockdown. Here are the eight awesome examples of this strange but sexy look, straight from Instagram’s finest.

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