One Luxury Bottle, Three Sweet Scents: Jacob's New Fragrance Collection

Jacob creates two new scents to go along with their signature, Classique


Photo Courtesy of Jacob


Photo Courtesy of Jacob


Photo Courtesy of Jacob

After selling out the first edition of their signature scent, Classique, Canadian brand Jacob has re-vamped the fragrance with a new bottle and a pair of companion scents to go along with it. While Classique is meant to be timeless and refined, Joie de Vivre and Very Chic represent two different personality facets.

Very chic is for a woman that wants to feel sensual and is a rich, more exotic scent that contains vanilla, mango and tangerine, and finishes with black amber and sensual woods. This kind of scent suits a high bun and your sleekest LBD. Joie de Vivre has a more sparkling, bubbly quality. It releases an intense energy that comes from pineapple and passionfruit. It also has notes of white fresia, sensual wood and musk, and is meant to evoke childhood memories on the beach in the sun. Think frilly and carefree.

The fragrances, though created in France by perfume house Robertet, were designed with the Canadian woman in mind. With Quebec actress Karine Vanasse (of TV series Pan Am) as the face of the collection, and names to match the brand’s bilingual heritage, these scents are truly Canadian.

Jacob fragrances, $40 each, Jacob stores.