Real Girls Don't Get Makeovers

These six lovelies emit so much style and confidence we tapped them for beauty advice.

Real Girls 1

Bracelet set, Maria Francesca Pepe, Secret Location, Vancouver. Jacket, top, and earrings, Croker’s own.

THE ANDROGYNE: Chanel Croker
Age: 31

Profession: Hairstylist

Grew Up In: Stouffville, Ont.

Beauty Mark: Boyish buzz

Before I Found My Look … “When I started high school I was hip hop, by grade 10 I was grunge and by grade 11 I was this whole different thing.”

What I’ve Learned: “Having really short hair, I like to femme it up with makeup, dresses or hoop earrings, whereas when I have longer hair, I’m a little more boyish about my look.”

Tip: “If you’re into blonde, the harshness of bleaching with a toner as opposed to cheer-leader softness with just colour is more now.”

Hoards: “Sachajuan hair wax.”

Real girls 2

Jumpsuit, $875, 3.1 Phillip Lim


Age: 30

Profession: Advertising Producer

Grew Up In: Hamilton, Ont.

Beauty Mark: Bleachy Bob

Before I Found My Look… “I went through a really bad acne phase and, like any girl, an awkward high-school period figuring out who I was. There was purple hair, pink hair — Mom hated me.”

What I’ve Learned: “I had this haircut until I was about 13 and then I went through a crazy hairdo phase… but I’e been doing the super-straight angular bob for five years, so we’re sticking to it.”

Tip: If I’m lazy about using purple shampoo and conditioner my blonde turns brassy.”

Hoards: “L’Oréal Professional Shine Blonde shampoo and conditioner.”

Real Girls 3

Dress, $1,350, Aquilano Rimondi, Holt Renfrew. Jewellery, Kirkwood’s own.

THE PIN-UP: Megan Kirkwood

Age: 27

Profession: Freelance writer/editor

Grew Up In: Niagara Falls, Ont.

Beauty Mark: Hollywood waves and brows

Before I Found My Look… “In high school I was more experimental with smoky shadow, too much liner, pale lips and other bad makeup trying to look sexy, I guess.”

What I’ve Learned: “The first time I got my brows tinted I thought I looked like Frida Kahlo. But at work I got so many compliments, now I go every four to six weeks.”

Tip: “Use one-inch foam rollers on wet hair and then wrap it in a scarf and sleep on it. It has to dry for a big portion of the next day too, because if you undo it while it has the least bit of moisture, it’s a waste.”

Hoards: “L’Oréal Ellnett Hairspray; Benefit Gimme Brow Brow-Volumizing Fibre Gel.”

Real Girls 4

Top, $845, Araks. Necklace, Michael Kors; Glasses, Cooper’s own.

THE NOSTALGIST: Lindsay Cooper

Age: 32

Profession: Public Relations Coordinator

Grew Up In: Calgary and the Okanagan, B.C.

Beauty Mark: Hardcore fringe

Before I Found My Look… “I thrift-shopped a lot, but I was less discerning. If it was bright or weird, I wanted it.”

What I’ve Learned: “I’ve gotten professional cuts before, but I know what I like better [than a stylist], since my hair is naturally curly and can be fussy, so I’ve been cutting my own bangs for 12 years.”

Tip: “Always trim when hair is dry and straight.”

Hoards: “An organic rose-hip oil shampoo, Redken All Soft Argan-6 oil.”

Real Girls 5

Top, $310, Junya Watanbe Comme des Garçon, TNT. Pants, $395, Rodebjer, and ring, Verameat, both Rac Boutqiue, Toronto. Bangle, Cooee.

THE DOWNTOWNER: Samantha Chang-Gardner

Age: 25

Profession: Waitress, musician, model

Grew Up In: Ajax, Ont.

Beauty Mark: Long Braids

Before I Found My Look… “I shaved my head after ending it with a no-good guy in university. I was instantly relieved, but when I woke up and saw myself, the waterworks began.”

What I’ve Learned: “I had to learn how to love myself and see my own beauty. I did some travelling and eventually moved to Toronto, where I’ve never felt so free to express myself.”

Tip: “Sometimes I make two long big braids and dip them in hot water for a wavy look.”

Hoards: “American Cream conditioner by Lush.”

real girls 6

Jacket, $540, Kaelen. Top, $1,175, Chloé, Holt Renfrew.

THE SPARKLER: Alyssa Garrison

Age: 23

Profession: Beauty blogger/writer

Grew Up In: Vancouver

Beauty Mark: Pastels and glitter

Before I Found My Look… “I’m queer, so I was trying to push myself into this hetero bubble in high school. I thought I needed to be this sex-bomb blonde that all the boys wanted.”

What I’ve Learned: “Everything from my scent to my hair to my shoes comes from this need to live in a magical, wonderful place where good things happen. Like lovely little surprises for every day.”

Tip: “Every week I do a solid, all-over pink, mixing two different shades of Manic Panic with conditioner. I wait a couple of hours and rinse, and then I put a bit in my conditioner every time I shower to keep it fresh.”

Hoards: “Kevin.Murphy dry shampoo; craft-store star glitter for my hair.”


Hair: Justin German, Pantene,

Makeup: Diana Carreiro,

Fashion Editor: Truc Nguyen

For where to buy, see Stylesource in our November issue.