Olympic Nail Art: A Must-Try Shellac Mani

CND offering athletes complimentary shellac manis and pedis during the games

CND's 'Olympic Gold' design

Photo Courtesy of CND

CND's 'Olympic Spirit' design

Photo Courtesy of CND

While athletics doesn’t typically conjure images of blowouts and spray tans, that doesn’t mean athletes won’t be able to get glam during the games–especially now that they can receive complimentary CND Shellac manis and pedis during the Olympics games in London.

CND will be setting up camp in the Olympic and Paralympic Villages, offering manicures, pedicures along with hand and foot massages. With the brand’s range of 36 colours in tow, the world’s top athletes will also be able to indulge in a little nail art. Gel and Shellac manicures are ideal for the games, given that the events will be spanning over two weeks (the average length of one of these UV-cured manicures). Plus, athletes won’t need to  worry about dinging their new nails on a bat or racket, and who doesn’t feel slightly more confident with a glossy coat of fresh polish?

While those of us who are going to be taking in the Olympics from home may not be privvy to gratis nail treatments, nail art fanatics can take inspiration from CND’s two Olympic-themed designs. Olympic Gold is a glittery, glossy red with the Olympic rings and sparkling gold tips, while Olympic Spirit features the rings in-colour with the events signature colours sprayed on.

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