Countdown to Beach Season: Fit Tips From Olympian Brianne Theisen-Eaton

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Thiesen-Eaton’s sole mate: Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus

After setting the new Canadian record for the women’s heptathlon (a seven-event track-and-field contest) earlier this month, Brianne Theisen-Eaton touched down in Toronto—a quick pit stop before heading to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games next month. The Saskatchewan-born speedster competed in the London Olympics in 2012, and earned silver medals at the 2013 and 2014 World Championships for the heptathlon and pentathlon, respectively. Keen to steal her get-fit tricks, we sat down with the super-athlete, who is married to American Olympian Ashton Eaton, to chat about her fit tricks.

Your workout schedule is intense. How often are you eating in a day?
I eat six small meals, and I snack a lot. I try to make my supper the smallest meal of the day and breakfast is usually huge. I’m a big advocate of healthy eating and I think that it’s pretty simple: I eat a lot of lean meats, vegetables, fruits and healthy carbs.

What’s your favourite snack? I buy a dry oatmeal mix and add protein powder to it. It’s quick and easy, especially when travelling. Getting protein in is huge for me.

What songs are on your workout playlist right now? I go to Pandora and type in “Top Hits Today” and then just plug that in. But we can’t listen to music at meets, so I try to not get too dependent on it.

Bikini season is almost here. What’s your go-to abs move?
I do a lot of planks. I don’t do a whole lot of sit-ups because in track-and-field there isn’t really a position you get in where you crunch everything. You want to be up and tall instead.

What’s your favorite piece of workout gear? I train in Nike Pegasus shoes because they’re pretty neutral, so they don’t make your feet roll out or in.

How do you stay motivated on days when you don’t want to workout?
I pretty much think of my competitors and remind myself that if I don’t workout, I’m going to fall behind. But I don’t have a lot of days like that. I love what I do so going to practice is like the best part of my day.

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